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shop preview • costume jewelry!

All of these items and more will be coming to the shop very soon! If you have any questions or if you'd like to reserve an item, email me at for more info.

lucky me!

Look what I recently stumbled upon...

These gorgeous vintage Coach leather purses will be coming to the shop soon! That is, if I don't decide to keep them all for myself! ;)


Today I wanted to wear something simple and light. I love this skirt, but it's hard to find a shirt that doesn't clash with the lace pattern. This basic grey v-neck felt like a good fit, although it's a bit see-through (woops)! Last night, I posted about my affinity for blue nails and I'm sporting them proudly today. Electric blue is so fun for summer, isn't it?

shirt: victoria's secret | skirt: forever21 | shoes: vintage, thrifted
earrings: claire's | purse: vintage, was my mom's

disney by design.

I stumbled upon Disney by Design on Tumblr the other day and the Disney geek in me freaked out. The person who runs Disney by Design creates Polyvore sets for pretty much every Disney character you can think of. I actually had an idea for a blog post a few months ago in which I'd style up vintage pieces from Etsy to make outfits based on Disney princess costumes, but now I might not even bother because these sets are so good! Some outfits are really costume-y and playful and others are almost exactly what the character actually wears. This blog would come in really helpful around Halloween, I think. Here are some of my favorites. (All photos via Disney by Design!)

current obsession: blue nails.

Tonight, I'm going out with my best friend to celebrate her last day at a job she didn't really love. I'm currently painting my nails bright blue. Some people think it's tacky; I think it's awesome. Here's some inspiration. See my nails in tomorrow's outfit post. Click on the photo for source.

tonic tuesday 7/26.


uptown girl.

Last week, I took a trip to the city (New York City, that is) with my sister, my mom's brother and sister, and my cousin. We wandered around, had lunch, and did a bit of touristy things. Unfortunately, it was very hot so we cut the day short fairly early. Also, as I was posing for these photos, I spotted a dead bird in the fountain outside of the Plaza Hotel. Don't miss the photo below of my immediate reaction. Pretty priceless, huh?

dress: vintage, thrifted | shoes: vintage, thrifted | earrings: claire's | purse: kate spade