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An Afternoon at the Beach with

I was recently contacted by to try out some of their products. I chose the Penbrooke Hot Tropics Glam Girl Leg One Piece and Big Mouth Toys Pink Flamingo Pool Float , obviously. The suit has that perfect retro feel I was looking for and it's so flattering! The flamingo has been named "Gary" because of a misunderstanding regarding my friend Kerry. I have a feeling he will accompany me on many adventures this summer. Thank you so much, SwimOutlet ! You can find SwimOutlet on Instagram ( @swimoutlet ) and Twitter ( @swimoutlet ), too. Suit and flamingo: c/o Shorts and kimono: Target Shades: c/o ZeroUV Photos by the amazing Diana Van Horn Photography!

Prom ↣ Wedding with Milly Bridal

Left • Right One of my sponsors this month is Milly Bridal , a dress shop featuring tons of lovely dresses for all occasions. Today I'm going to chat a bit about proms and weddings, as a lady who's right in the middle of both. My prom dress was bought two years early at a store called "Value City" for less than $20. My mom and I agreed that for twenty bucks it would be a good fallback in case I never found anything I liked better. Prom didn't mean that much to me since I was one of those jaded punk kids, so I went with the fallback. It was baby blue and fairly simple, and amazingly timeless (in the sense that I don't look at the photos now, eleven years later, and want to crawl in a hole). The two prom dresses above are my favorites. The one on the left is so unique and reminds me of the "Mandy" breakaway dress from "White Christmas" . I think it's pretty and flirty, without being too revealing, and I love the floral details. The

ZeroUV Summer Wishlist

Womens Cute Eye Lash Fashion Oval Sunglasses 9385 Ever since I first learned of ZeroUV , I've been in awe of their amazing sunglasses. I've worn the two c/o pairs they sent me a few times on the blog (and a lot in real life, too). Every time I click over to the site, I want to buy at least 10 pairs. I made the mistake of clicking over to the site today and lo and behold I want to buy at least 10 pairs! The shades above are my ultimate favorite at the moment. They remind me of a pair I just bought so I probably shouldn't order them. Really, how many pairs of eyelash-style sunglasses does one gal need? ;) (PS This post isn't sponsored or anything, I just love ZeroUV! They also have a great Snapchat that makes me miss California very badly on the reg.) These are incredible. What a unique shape, sure to get lots of attention. Womens Unique Heart Shape Half Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses 9616 This pair comes in a few different colors. Picking just one pair would be to