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147. tonic tuesday.

Here's another new weekly feature on the blog, where I pick a few different items from vintage Etsy shops that I would LOVE to own/wear/buy if I had expendable income. Sometimes there will be a theme, but for the most part, it's just things that I'm diggin'. Let me know whatcha think!

Vintage Day Dress Mint Green Sz. Small from actionisthefruit

Vintage LITTLE GOLD BOW Cream Clutch from awildtonic

Vintage 70s Slip On Loafers, Women Size 7.5 Narrow from bluebutterflyvintage

vintage BUTTERNUT 1920s ring from jeanjeanvintage

Vintage Handpainted Ceramic Owl Figurine from VintageEye

146. music monday: The Decemberists - "Angel, Won't You Call Me?"

Welcome to my first Music Monday post. Every Monday, I'll post a video of a song that I'm into at the time. Sometimes I'll accompany the video with some thoughts, sometimes I won't. Feel free to comment and download the songs if you like them! :)

I love driving to work listening to this really sweet song by The Decemberists.

145. birthday birthday birthday!

Tomorrow (or today, depending on when I get around to posting this), September 15th, I turn 24 years old - hooray! I'll be celebrating at work all day! D:

But after work, I'll be having a Thai feast with my family, boyfriend, and best friend! After that, we're going to a bar in New Brunswick that gives you a free bottle of champagne on your birthday. Awesome, huh?

Read on for some birthday-related photos and info about a sweet birthday sale!

I wish this was my cake when I was six, because it would've been SO fitting.

Bears and dinos gotta party, too!

And to celebrate my birthday, I'll be having a sale in my shop! 50% off all items from now until midnight on Wednesday (9/15) evening. Just say "Happy Birthday, Lauren!" in the note to seller!

all images via we heart it.

144. black and white for autumn.

Happy Monday, folks. Here's a friendly little shop update for you. Black-and-white in all shapes and sizes. Click on the image to go to the listing. Also, remember--Buy 2 items, get a 3rd (least expensive) item free + free shipping! Refund via Pay Pal.

Vintage DEVILLE Black and White Pillbox Hat

Vintage COOL AUTUMN Slate Black Naturalizer Platform Sandals

Vintage ART DECO Snowflake Pin

Vintage MODERN ART Patterned Silk Scarf

Vintage SNOW WHITE Dressy Blouse

Vintage NEON INDIAN Tribal Patterned Silk Scarf

S A L E Vintage WICKER White Woven Shoes Size 10

Vintage GRACE KELLY White Bead Three-Layer Necklace

Vintage AROUND THE BONFIRE Off-White Linen Tunic

Vintage BAND OF GOLD Black Wallet with Gold Detail

S A L E Vintage FOURTH OF JULY White Laced Oxford Heels Size 7

Vintage CROCODILE ROCK 1940s Dofan White Purse

Vintage GIANTS Football Wool Sweater

Vintage CHECKER BOARD Black and White Floppy Hat

143. reading rainbow.

Although I have a pretty sweet book shelf in my room (invisible shelves-what whaaat!)...

I can't help but swoon over this rainbow color-coordinated bookshelf display. I'm not even a big "book" person, but I'm in love with this setup. Color me jealous (no pun intended)!

142. lookin' messy, runnin' errands.

I wore this while working around the house this past weekend. I've got a tough-yet-housewifey vibe going on. Sorta Rosie the Riveter-esque? I don't know; maybe the heat is getting to me. I'm wearing a vintage t-shirt from my Grandma, Gap 1969 jeans, thrifted shoes, and a vintage scarf that may or may not end up in the shop.

Speaking of the shop, don't forget about the current sale:

Buy 2 items, get a 3rd (least expensive) item free + free shipping! Refund via Pay Pal.

141. for sale: vintage silver tone floral earrings with purple stones $7 (with shipping!).

vintage silver tone earrings
floral design
purple, silver, and black stones
pretty, delicate, earthy, boho, antique
measures: 2" long
$7 (including shipping)
email for a pay pal invoice.

140. for sale: vintage black diamond silver tone ring $4 (with shipping!).

vintage silver tone ring
diamond design
smaller black diamond embellishment
pretty, delicate, gothic, earthy
measures: 2 cm in diameter, small dent makes it a bit tighter; diamond measures 2 cm x 1 2/10 cm
$4 (including shipping)
email for a pay pal invoice.

139. mason jar lamps and party inspiration.

My birthday party is next weekend, and obviously I've already started preparing. I think I definitely NEED some mason jar lamps. How charming are these? Seriously.

Anyway, hope you all had a great Labor Day! What's better than a four-day work week? Nothing, really. :)

all images via we heart it.