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WEARING • Home Sweet Home.

I'm back from Belfast! It's always hard coming back from a vacation, but this one was extra-tough because I had such a great time (more on that later). This is what I wore yesterday while I shot vintage sunglasses seemingly all day. I have about 11 pairs coming to the shop today, so keep your eyes peeled if you're in the market for new sunnies. B) sunglasses: coming soon to A Wild Tonic top: Forever 21 skirt: vintage; Salvaged Strawberry shoes: Lulu's

Everything Dies Shoot with Diana Van Horn Photography!

Here's another set of photos that I shot with my dear friend Diana. We took a trip to beautiful Asbury Park, NJ and shot some photos near the old Casino Building and Carousel, and on the beach. We also had pizza and beer at Johnny Mac's aka my favorite place on Earth. I always have so much fun shooting with Di, and we have a lot more ideas for the future. Very exciting! Check out Di's Facebook page for more: Diana Van Horn Photography and follow her on Instagram here: @dianavanfarley . See our first shoot here: Carcosa Shoot with Diana Van Horn Photography!


Introducing the newest print over at Wanderlust Print Co., The World is Yours. I'm in Maryland this weekend, and I'm going to Ireland later in the week, so the world is actually mine for the next few days. ;) Find it here: The World is Yours by WanderlustPrintCo on Etsy .

Glamping Wishlist.

I'm going camping, or rather glamping , with some friends this weekend. I like nature and all that, but I'm not interested in tents without bathrooms. We have a cabin in a state park in Maryland, and I might be more excited about the 5.5 hour car ride than I am about the actual camping. I plan on relaxing, drinking lots of beer, and doing some general thriving. Here's what I'm thinking of bringing. Daily uniform: cutoffs , chambray and plaid , and a bathing suit for the lake. In case it gets cold: fleece-lined leggings , a beanie , boots , a coat , and a blanket . Can't forget bug spray , #GIRLBOSS (I could use another motivation-boost), and a cute tote to hold it all. What am I forgetting? PS Follow awildtonic on Instagram for pretty photos!

WEARING • Island Vibes.

...Staten Island, that is. I had lunch on (in?) Staten Island with my sister and uncle today, and afterwards he took us to this little quiet beach. We looked at a map and realized that straight across the water is our town! If only we had jet skis, we would've saved the $13 toll on the Outerbridge. Fun fact: the Outerbridge Crossing is named after Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge. I think the Outerbridge Bridge has a nicer flow to it, but I guess that's why I sell vintage and don't name bridges. ;) glasses: c/o Firmoo dress and slip: Forever 21 sandals: Target bag: Madewell Camden Satchel

How to Apply a Vinyl Decal with!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely folks at to do a how-to/product review of one of their vinyl wall stickers . My bedroom has zero free wall space so I decided to get one for another room in the house. What's better than a giant wine glass ( Wine Glass Wall Decal ) in the kitchen , am I right? The wall decal arrived within a few days (with some lollipops; great surprise) but the application was delayed. I needed to repaint the kitchen, and CozyWallArt recommends waiting two weeks for the paint to fully cure before applying the decal. After the painting was finished and two weeks had gone by, it was time. Follow the steps below to see how incredibly quick and easy this project was! 1. Before. 2. Make sure the wall is clean. 3. Tape the decal to the wall once you're sure it's level. 4. Ready to go. 5. Slowly and carefully peel the backing from the decal. 6. Peel all the way down to the tape/center. 7. Cut the backing paper away. 8. Slowly

Our Kittens.

If you follow me on Instagram , you may know about #mewtangclan (shout out to my friend Kat for that idea). These four kittens were found in my sister's boyfriend's shed, and now two of them live with us and two live with him. The two that live at Er's boyfriend's house are Luke and Leia. Luke has the dark nose and Leia's is two-tone. We have Ghost and Two. Ghost is grey with matching eyes and Two is black and white. Two is my baby. Initially named Two Chains as a joke (that kinda caught on), her "real" name is Penelope, after the black and white cat who's always refusing Pepé Le Pew's advances. We also call her Newspaper and occasionally Nymeria, which was her very first name until I decided it was too nerdy to have four cats named after Star Wars/Game of Thrones characters. Anyhow, these guys are so fun and we all love having them around, except maybe the dogs. Jack and Freckles are a little jealous, I think. Click through for a bunch more photo

Christmas in July Sale!

Big sale announcement over here, guys. All month long, all items in the vintage shop are 20% off PLUS you can take an extra 15% off with code "IRELAND" (because I'm going to Ireland this month OMG – more on that later)! What are you waiting for? Shop the sale now!