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music monday: Jane Russell - "Ain't There Anyone Here For Love"

The lovely Jane Russell passed away today . Very sad news. Here she is in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

shop update + other things.

Happy Saturday, folks! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. A few things-- • I'm one sale away from 150 in the shop ! Huzzah! Lucky number 150 will get an extra treat or two! :) • AWT is a sponsor of the lovely Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky , and I'm offering a 25% off coupon code for her readers. Check out her blog (if you don't already) and find the code in this post ! • I'll be doing a guest post swap in a few days with the fabulous Fi at Previously Owned . Get stoked! • I started watching season one of "Laguna Beach" this morning, and I can't stop. • Make sure you swing by the shop and check out some of the new items that have recently been listed!

valentine's weekend: day three.

Here's the last batch of photos from our weekend in Lake Anna, Virginia! It's mostly shots of the interior of the cabin, including a somewhat inappropriate picture of a spider in the bathroom (?).

holy cow!

Here is the newest addition to my wall o' random art. This piece was found by my boyfriend at Goodwill in the art section, a section I usually walk past. Lesson learned. Up until recently, I didn't want too much hanging on my off-white walls. I liked the minimalism! I bought myself a set of antlers on Etsy for Christmas, and since then I starting utilizing my hammer and set of nails a lot more often. I should take some pictures of the whole area at some point. Maybe I'll wait until it's finished, or closer to being finished.

valentine's weekend: day two, part two.

As the sun set, the temperature dropped, so I changed into this dress from the shop to keep warm. We walked out to the dock to watch the sunset with a few beers and a blanket in hand. After that, we used my phone to find a restaurant nearby. We ended up at this kitschy local place, the Lakeview Restaurant. They had this amazing (literally amazing) appetizer called "Ba-da Boom Chicken" that I truly would drive back down to Virginia to eat. So delicious. We feasted, then went back to the cabin, started a fire, and relaxed. Dress- A Wild Tonic . Tights, boots-Target. Satchel-Modcloth. Another .gif! I'm getting good at making them now! :D

what's in her bag: first edition.

Have you ever read a "what's in my bag?" blog post in which bloggers photograph and list the contents of their purse? As some of you thrifters may know, when shopping for vintage, sometimes items from the last owner get left behind. I call this "what's in her bag?" This newspaper was found in this purse . It's a page from the Miami Herald, dated Sunday, February 19th, 1989. The page is from the classified section, focusing on Florida real estate. I wonder if the owner was a realtor or interested in buying a new house or moving into a new apartment. If you missed the tonic tuesday post yesterday, I have a small obsession with moving to Florida. I would really love to make the move, but it's just not the right time yet. I'm using this newspaper as inspiration, though!