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have a happy mdw!



This purple St. Maarten tourist t-shirt was given to me from my mother when I started my "jeans and funny t-shirt" phase back in high school. By now, this shirt is so broken-in and comfortable, I could wear it every day. In fact, just the other day my mother said to me, "Please don't be offended, but how many t-shirts do you own? A lot, right? Then why do I always see you in that one?" I told her what I just told you--it's too comfy to NOT wear all the time. Ha! A few weeks ago I thrifted this shirt's yellow twin. It's too fitted to be worn in the same manner as my shirt, so it's going into the shop soon. Here's me in my shirt, and my sister modeling the one for the shop. Sisters wearing twins. ♥

looks good with..


welcome to the jungle.

I'd like to introduce the newest member of my family. His name is Jack, and he's the sweetest little angel! He originally belonged to my sister's boyfriend's grandmother. Unfortunately she can't take care of Jack anymore, so he's living with us now. He and Freckles are getting along so well. I think Freckles likes being a big brother. Jack is still a tiny bit uneasy, but he's warming up quickly. I've been spending a lot of time outside with the two of them. It's so fun to watch them interact with each other, with other animals like squirrels and birds, and with nature in general. My house feels like a jungle. I can't even imagine how families with more than two dogs can handle it!

I bought this bag from my good friend Diane at The Rusty Schwinn, and I am in love! As soon as I saw her blog about it, I knew it had to be mine! It's made from reclaimed leather, it's really simple, and it's perfect for everyday use. Long story short--it&#…

tonic tuesday 5/24.

It's sunny! Hooray! Aside from this past Saturday (when I was busy at a gorgeous, sunshiny wedding), this is the first somewhat-nice day that we've had in central New Jersey in about two weeks..? Ridiculous! I'm looking forward to a photo shoot later this afternoon, because that means I'll have a lot of clothing coming to the shop very soon! Before I start shooting, though, I'll be spending some time outside--basking in this glorious sun! This week's tonic tuesday post is a collection of vintage shades that I'd like to be wearing while I relax. Click through to go to the Etsy listing.

Bodacious NOS Vintage 80s Wayfarer Style Red and White Sunglasses from MotherMidnight

Vintage Sanford Hutton Sunglasses Near Perfect from vacationvintage

BOHO Vintage 80s Sunglasses(Frame Only) Cream and Brown from Waistland

Vintage OVERSIZED Womens Sunglasses Eyeglasses Glasses 1960s 60s MOD Mad Men Mid Century from OliverandAlexa

vintage oversized blue clear gold sunglasses / 15%…

turning violet + music monday: Jimi Hendrix - "Purple Haze"

It's music monday! Again? Are the weeks just flying by, or is it just me? While prepping this outfit post, I couldn't help but hum "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix, so here it is. Feel free to enjoy it while checking out today's outfit post. :)

Friday was a busy day. I had to do lots of shop work, baby sit, and prep for my friend's wedding on Saturday. I needed an outfit that was comfortable, but still nice enough to wear in public. It's hard to find that balance sometimes. I managed to get through most of my errands, though--as usual--I was running around like a maniac on Saturday morning trying to get all the last-minute tasks done. The wedding was beautiful and so very fun! I'll definitely be posting pictures soon. Also, can we discuss how high the plants have grown in the last few weeks? Compare it to this outfit post. Incredible! Also, check out those flowers!

A while ago, I won this amazing purse and fashion book from Furor Moda via a giveaway over…

an adorable vintage tourist photo + a giveaway winner!

Aside from the somewhat strange-looking Pinocchio, I love this photo. That little girl's outfit is fierce, and I love her sweet hair-do! Check out the link for more creepy Disney characters and awesome vintage outfits.


Also...Congratulations to Valerie from BEadECLECTIC who will be sporting this awesome vintage necklace courtesy of Yonder! Enjoy! :)

tonic tuesday 5/17.

Today's tonic tuesday post was inspired by the wedding that I'll be going to on Saturday. It's a daytime wedding, and the ceremony will be on the beach. I'm very excited! Coincidentally, my friends Megon and Julie at Yonder did a wedding-themed post today too! (I swear I didn't copy you guys, haha!) Here's a fun idea for a beachy spring wedding. Click through to go to the Etsy listing.

SANDY BEACH Huge Straw Floppy Sun Hat with String Neck Strap - Vintage from awildtonic

VINTAGE Turquoise Blue Scenic Print Seductive Wiggle Frock from VintageFrocksOfFancy

Vintage Seashell Necklace BEACH WEDDING (2) from chica123

1950 Sand with Pearls Handsbag from CheekyVintageCloset

Vintage Shoes Tan Leather Peep Toe Low Heels Sandals Pumps from Pudding from thepuddingstorevint

anniversary celebration.

Last week, Frank and I went to a carnival for our two-year anniversary celebration. I love how weird carnivals can be, and this one was definitely weird. I can't wait to go to a million weird fairs this summer! I'm wearing a dress, cardigan, and leggings from Forever21, a purse from ModCloth, and heels from target that I got from a friend who never wore them (score!).

on the hunt for a cure for laziness..

The last few days at A Wild Tonic headquarters have been tricky. I've been incredibly unmotivated and overwhelmed. I'm not the really the best example of the "go-getter" type, but usually I can keep my laziness under control. Maybe it has to do with the warm weather, or the fact that I need a new job, but I've just been such a bum! My boy keeps encouraging me and I know that I'm capable of getting out of this funk, but I don't know how long that will take. Do you guys have any tips on how to get motivated? I'd love some suggestions! :)

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music monday: Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

I love CCR. It's raining. That's all there is to it on this grey music monday.

How was everyone's weekend? :)

tonic tuesday 5/10.