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vintage times square.

In 1907, Walter F. Palmer created the first New Year’s Eve Ball. Since then, Times Square has been the place to be on on December 31st. Tonight, I'll be about 8 miles away in Brooklyn, celebrating at my friend's apartment. Going to Times Square has always been in the back of my mind, though. Maybe I'll make plans to go next year..


looks good with.. + a giveaway at BBV!

All the items below (except the lilac hat) are currently available in the shop..

By the way, check out Jenn's blog, Blue Butterfly Vintage, for a giveaway from A Wild Tonic. Jenn is a great blogger and Etsy/Ebay seller, and she happens to be my Twitter BFF AND one of the bloggers I'm advertising with in the new year! You could win this sweet vintage bag! Check out Jenn's post for more details.

etsy in the news.

I came across two articles related to Etsy in the last few days, so I thought I'd share the links in case you hadn't! - Online Bazaar Builds on Its Base With Sense of Community

Lifehacker - Glancely Finds Custom-Made Etsy Crafts in the Color You Want


gin and guns.

"Gin and guns - either one is bad enough, but together they get you in a dickens of a mess, don't they?"-Belva Gaertner

The real-life inspiration for Velma Kelly and Roxy Hart from "Chicago," Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan.

via 1234.

the most wonderful time of the year..

I have some Christmastime photos to share! I love checking out everyone's holiday photos and getting a peek at their traditions and specifically FOOD. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many food pictures this year, but next year I definitely will! Anyway, the boy and I went into Manhattan a few nights ago to have dinner and check out The Tree. Here's me at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. My boyfriend and I decided to be extra-touristy that night..clearly.

I'm wearing a vintage fur coat that used to be my Grandma's (don't hate me, vegans!), a vintage polka dot cardigan, black tank, GAP jeans, vintage boots, and a big tote from Modcloth.

The city is truly amazing around this time of year. I love all the kitschy and fun things you can stumble upon, like this giant set of Christmas lights, for example..

I'm too afraid to ask anyone to take a picture of us together because I worry that they will run off with my we tried a bunch of long-arm shots and a se…

tonic tuesday 12/28.

Aw, shucks.. it's the last tonic tuesday of the year! It seems like it was just yesterday that I started this feature. Time flies, huh? This week's theme is "mod/black and white," because I will be going to a New Year's party with that theme on Friday! These dresses are gorgeous, aren't they? Click on the image to go to the Etsy listing.

NEW YEARS Vintage 80s Black Fringe Flapper Mini Dress XS S from TWIGVINTAGE

Vintage 1950's Little Black Gift Wrapped Dress Betty Clyne from Coldfish

metallic ivory silver WHITE satin checkered vintage 60s BOW velvet empire BABYDOLL mini cocktail party dress S M from cloudninevintage

Vintage 1960s PARISIAN black and white striped dress lg from HinterlandVintage

1960s vintage BOW WAIST velvet bodice cocktail dress from CustardHeartVIntage

15% Off Sale vintage 60s dress mini stripe knit shift leslie fay black white from NodtoModvintage

looks good with..

All the items below are currently available in the shop..

vintage turbans.

I think my head may be a bit too big to rock these looks, but I'll surely be trying it anyway! I'll work on styling it all winter and perfect my craft. Then during summer I'll keep cool and work the turban look. Thoughts?

(all images via google image search)