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Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas • Part 3

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Fall, Fashion, and Frugality with Fashionme!

Fall is finally here in Asbury Park! Don't get me wrong - summer is cool, especially in a beach town like AP, but fall is the coolest. I've always loved fall since I was a kid. All of the best things are in fall: my birthday (technically it's still in the summer but only by a few days, shh), back to school (and school supplies and new planners :D), Halloween, and not permanently sweating. It's everything! However! Since fall unofficially started (even since it's officially started), time has been flying and I don't like it. I'm trying to slow it down by being present in each moment and not rushing to the next big event. I guess it's not working, though. Any tips? On that note, Christmas will be here before we know it. I've been trying hard to be better with my money recently (more on that later), so I'm preparing for the holiday season a little sooner than usual. I always have grand plans - buying one gift a week starting in August, wrapping

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas • Part 2

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Vintage-Style Fall Coats from BerryLook!

On the hunt for a vintage-inspired fall coat? Might I recommend BerryLook? BerryLook has an amazing amount of cheap coats , in both modern and retro styles. The first coat is definitely my favorite. The rich green color is so beautiful. I also really love the 3/4 sleeves, big collar, and the buttons! The second coat is stunning, and a vintage version of it would probably be unaffordable (at least for me). I imagine myself wearing that while drinking a martini and smoking a cigarette with one of those extender things. That fuzzy neck and those fuzzy sleeves! Heart eyes all day! Below, you'll see probably the most versatile coat of the ones I've chosen. I can see Audrey Hepburn in a coat like this one. The reddish-brown color is a great neutral, and the big pockets are great for keeping your phone handy, or a nice pair of gloves. Fourth and finally, how great is this mustard number? More fuzz, which is always a win. And I love the full skirt. So classic! Like I said,

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas • Part 1

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October Essential Oils Recipe Box from Simply Earth!

BABES! How's it going? It's been a while since I've dropped in here, but boy do I have something fun to share with you today. I had the opportunity this month to collaborate with Simply Earth . Simply Earth is your one-stop shop for essential oils, jewelry, accessories, and my new favorite thing – their monthly recipe boxes. I received the October recipe box and the bonus box as well as some fun stickers and whatnot. Playing with the recipe box was a great way to decompress after a particularly lousy and stressful day. After I was done, I Facetimed my mom to show her everything, and we discussed how many friends and family members would love a subscription of their own. Christmas prep just got a lot easier! This month's box came with a bunch of different recipe cards to make rollers, blends, even a candle, and more. The extra bottles and rollers were great for experimenting and making my own blends too! I love that the containers are glass and reusable (hi, m