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My Brief Goodbye to 2012.

I know that practically every blogger has done (or will be doing) year-in-review or top-twenty-whatever lists, and at first I didn't want to join the ranks. I feel like these kinds of posts are only interesting to those writing them, to be honest. Then I started reflecting on the past year and decided it would be nice to do at least a little something to commemorate 2012! I went into writing this post thinking, "Hmm, not much has changed since last year!" Once I started typing the following paragraph however, I realized while maybe not a lot has changed, a lot has happened for sure!

In the last year, I: coped with the death of my grandmother, celebrated New Year's Eve in the Poconos, traveled to Florida, celebrated the vintage shop's second birthday, refocused my shop goals, and did a big reshoot (which I'm very proud of and can't wait to do again), traveled to Austin for TxSC, did a bunch of outfit posts, giveaways, and posts on minimalism, saw Bruce Spr…

Getting Glitzy for New Year's Eve • Accessories!


Sponsor Spotlight • Grits and Moxie!

Introducing Jennifer of Grits and Moxie! Interested in sponsoring A Wild Tonic? Read more here.

One of my sponsors this month is Jennifer from the blog Grits and Moxie. Jennifer is a self-proclaimed "quirky gal obsessed with hot tea and happiness". Her blog is full of fun photos, recipes, DIYs, and peeks into her daily life in Athens, Georgia. She's also doing a "100 Before 40" challenge which I think is incredibly cool. You can follow along with Grits and Moxie on Facebook and Instagram too!

From Jennifer's "about me":
So...about me. Well, I'm just a simply complex tattooed lady who is finding my way in the world of books and blogging and a life in Athens, GA. My musician husband (who I love to take candid pictures of) and our rescue animals - 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 fish - are also along for the ride. You can meet them all right here...

In real life, I'm an employee (part-time baker, full-time lackey and a little of everything else) at Th…


This is Papa, Mom, and Grandma Rita circa 1954. They are attending a summer wedding of Papa's sister. My mom is about two years old. Seeing this photo brought tears to my eyes.

A Wild Tonic Vintage's Greatest Hits 2012!

Today's post is inspired by this post from Anna at Olive Green Anna.

January 14 • Vintage Letterpress Drawer

February 13 • Vintage Suede Booties

March 12 • Vintage 1980s Purse

(Sold to Derek Lam!)

April 18 • Vintage Silk Dress

May 6 • Vintage Tooled Leather Coin Purse

June 22 • Vintage Pleated Maxi Skirt

(Featured on the Bleubird blog and it sold that day! I still get traffic from her, too. Woman's got herself quite a following, huh?)

July 10 • Vintage Owl Purse

August 12 • Vintage Wool Sweater with Bird

September 19 • Vintage Dress

(Swapped with Miskabelle Vintage!)

October 2 • Vintage Lace Top

November 22 • Vintage Silk Beaded Blouse

(Featured in the Etsy Finds email on Thanksgiving!)

December 1 • Vintage Tweed Wool Coat

(Sold to a lovely buyer who said this about it: "My daughter-in-law asked for 1 of 4 different coats on Etsy. I chose yours. Very nice. Since I'm 66 I remember them well, for me I liked that style in its day. I did try it on and it looks just like me way back then. …

Getting Glitzy for New Year's Eve • Clothing!


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a lovely day.

Brooklyn Flea + Brooklyn Brewery.

Last Saturday, Frank, Joe, Christina, and I drove into Brooklyn for a day of vintage-shopping and beer-drinking. We left Somerville a little after eight in the morning, with coffee in hand, Pandora and navigation on my iPhone, and wallets ready to be emptied. Once we got to Brooklyn, we had to drive around for a while looking for a parking spot. I ended up getting a ticket because my muni meter receipt "wasn't displayed properly," allegedly. I'm going to try and fight it; wish me luck! Anyway, the Brooklyn Flea was great. I've never been to the Flea in the indoor/winter location. The building at One Hanson Place is just beautiful. As usual, the Flea vendors offered up tons of vintage and handmade goodies, and as usual it was very pricey. I don't get it! Why so expensive, guys? I mean, as a vintage seller, I know you have to mark up your pieces every now and then, depending on age and condition of the items, but it's really extreme at some booths. Kinda tu…