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REVIEW: Aprilis Essential Oils from Amzbeautyadvisor!

A few months ago, I ordered a basic set of essential oils from Amazon. I had seen a lot of posts on social media about the benefits of essential oils and I thought, “why not give it a try?” I remember my mom was really into oils when I was younger. So funny how these things are kinda cyclical. Like, I remember being a kid and thinking that the boots my mom wore were so uncool, then years later I sold similar ones in my vintage shop because they were trendy and I apologized to my mom (both for making fun of her sartorial choices and because a style she wore not too long ago was now considered “vintage”). Anyhow, the oils never came, or rather they were “delivered” but not to me, so the seller issued a refund and I carried on with my life.

Cut to a few weeks ago - I was offered a set of essential oils to review. How fortunate! Now I can finally live my oily dreams! I received my order quickly, and I have to say - I’m in love. The oils came packaged in a little box, with seven smaller bo…

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