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WEARING • New Kicks.

These photos were taken a few days ago. Monday, I think? I've felt uninspired all week, and this rainy weather isn't helping. I'm going to the Biergarten in Jersey City tomorrow night with my pal Elena, so here's hoping I get a boost of inspiration from her and not just a hangover.

How sweet are these shoes, though? They are just a little tight on me, but I'm going to wear them til they fit like a Wicked Stepsister. They also have a set of laces that string through the back to make them sorta like ballet slippers. Can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear 'em that way!

sunglasses: gift from a friend
top: c/o Sammydress (out of stock)
bracelets and rings: vintage and c/o Ruche
jeans: Gap
shoes: vintage via Goodwill (similar)

A Wild Tonic Vintage • Shop Preview 4/25/14.

Welcome to this week's shop preview! I'll be busy this weekend with work and a mega-fun birthday party in Philly. That means I have to bribe myself into getting these listings ready before I leave tomorrow night. I'm telling myself that if all the listings aren't ready, then I can't go. That's not really true, but if I tell myself that MAYBE I'll actually get it all done. ;) Why don't you go ahead and add A Wild Tonic to your Etsy favorites, and follow along on Twitter because Twitter followers are the first to know about new listings! If you have any questions or want to reserve any of the items in the photos above, email me at Have a wonderful weekend, my little doves! ♥

WEARING • Fleurs.

Earlier this week, I ate pizza, drank wine, and made floral crowns with my good friend Diana. She is practically a professional at crown-making (and she's moderately obsessed with flowers right now, real or fake, hence our overuse of #fleurs), and she gave me quite a few tips. I love how mine came out! I'm wearing it to a party on Saturday night, so expect to see it all over Instagram. Haha! ;) Hope you're all having a great week. ★ Don't forget to use code MILESTONE for an additional 15% off all items in the vintage shop! ★

glasses: Derek Cardigan via
vest: DIY here!
tank: Forever 21, super old (similar)
jeans: Gap (similar)
sandals: Target (similar)
tote: Tumbleweeds Handcraft
pins: elephants from Wildfell Hall on Etsy (similar), Brand New from a show in high school, "Bullshit" found at a flea market in Florida

Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans.

"Shopping for jeans" is a phrase that can invoke fear into the hearts of many. Even I, an avid thrifter who loves to spend hours perusing and scouring stores for the best finds, will generally avoid the denim section. Currently, I own four pairs of jeans, in two styles, from one store. One is a jegging and the other three are basic, mid-rise, dark-wash jeans. The reason I have three pairs of the same style is because I believe in the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." ;) If you are in the market for some new designer jeans, here are some tips for finding the perfect pair like I did! (Also, feel free to leave more tips in the comments, if you think I omitted something important or if you have tips for shopping for mens jeans.)

1. First and foremost, find the style that works with your body. Ignore what is trendy and wear what makes you look (and more importantly feel) good. Try asking your lady friends or relatives what is their favorite pair of women…

WEARING • Easter!

Holidays in our house are never dull, and Easter this year was no exception. We had about 15 people over, which is a much lower number than usual. As always my mom cooked an amazing meal, complete with a modified Easter egg hunt. She really is the best. I don't know how I'll ever live up to her when it comes to hosting a holiday dinner.

glasses: Derek Cardigan via
tulip blouse: in the shop now (similar)
velvet dress: vintage via Goodwill (similar)
shoes: Moosehide Driving Mocs c/o Minnetonka

dress: Pac Sun (similar)
flip flops: Old Navy

A Wild Tonic Vintage • Shop Update 4/21/14.

Vintage Circle Sunglasses - Round Tortoise Shell Sunnies - 1970s Sunglasses

Vintage Yellow Dress - Pale Yellow Shirt Dress - Size Medium / Large

Vintage Victor Costa Dress - Black Dress with Floral Print - Size Medium / Large

Vintage Yellow Robe - Floral Print Robe - NWT - Size Medium

Vintage Floral Robe - Teal Blue Robe with Tropical Flower PrintNew vintage at A Wild Tonic! Again, this time due to the Easter holiday craziness, this isn't a full update. I cannot let this become a habit. No matter what, I need to stick to my schedule! After Easter celebrations yesterday (more on that tomorrow), I went to watch "Game of Thrones" with some friends. After the show, my friend Diana and I spent about four hours talking and amping each other up about life and business and goals and all that good stuff. Glad to have like-minded friends who can keep each other in check! :)

How to Wear Vintage • Happy Easter!

Vintage Tulip Blouse - Size Small / Medium / Large
Vintage High Waisted Shorts - Vintage Orange Shorts
SALE - Vintage Brown Leather Loafers - Dark Brown Leather Bass Shoes - Size 6.5
SALE - Vintage Shell Necklace - Purple and White Shell Statement Necklace

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I showed my mom this blouse I bought for the shop a few weeks ago, and she immediately told me I "just haaad to" wear it for Easter. Thankfully(?) it hasn't sold yet, so I'm wearing it today! I'm excited to eat a lot and relax a lot. Also: Peeps. Thank goodness this blouse is forgiving. ;)

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Saturday Links 3.


20 Amazing One-Piece Bathing Suits!

Norma Kamali One-Piece Swimwear · One-Piece Swimwear · Romwe One-Piece Swimwear
Here's a little collection of twenty of my favorite one-piece swimsuits on the market right now. My ultimate number one? The Sesame Street Yip Yips! SO GOOD. Now if only the weather would cooperate and just be warm for more than a day! Which suit is your favorite?

Sunday Fun • Polaroid x Impossible Project.

I recently found an old Polaroid instant camera at Goodwill that I wanted to put in the shop. Before I could list it though, I had to test it to make sure it works. Fortunately, I had one pack of Impossible Project film left to play with. On Sunday, I was lucky enough to have the day off AND insanely beautiful weather AND my sister to hang out with. We sat out in the sun for a while, listening to music. Oh, and if you couldn't tell, the camera works! Ha!

Polaroid: thrifted at Goodwill; coming to the shop this weekend
Film: Impossible Project
Kimono top: Lulu's
Sunglasses: Cross My Heart Hope To Die Sunglasses 9128 c/o ZeroUV
Erica's sunglasses: coming to the shop this weekend
Pineapple sippy cup: Dollar Tree
Moccasins: c/o Minnetonka
Blanket: thrifted at Goodwill

DIY • How to Keep Your Minnetonka Moccasins Tied!








First off, I have to say that Minnetonka has some of the best customer service around. I was wearing my Kilty mocs yesterday and had to keep tying them over and over again. It was really frustrating! That might sound silly, but when you have to stop every five seconds to tie your shoes, it wears on you after a while. I remembered seeing a video that Minnetonka made a while ago, but couldn't find the link. I tweeted at them, and they responded with the link so quickly. Best! In the video (embedded above), they first show you how to tie the laces the proper way, then instruct you to use some super glue to keep the knots in place. This morning I gave it a shot with my three pairs of mocs (Kilty and Driving Mocs c/o Minnetonka, Thunderbird found at Goodwill). I had major trouble with the raw laces on the Driving Mocs. I recruited my mom to help me (because I&#…