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tonic tuesday 7/31 • polaroid.

If you don't already know, I have a bit of an affinity for analog photography. This week's Tonic Tuesday is all about Polaroid. Though Polaroid itself no longer makes film, cameras are really easy to find in Goodwill (or on Etsy) and compatible film is being made by the Impossible Project.
from left to right:
Vintage Camera Pronto Polaroid Land Automatic Instant Camera with Case and Manual
Unused SX 70 Polaroid Land Film Time Zero Supercolor
Red Polaroid Earrings - Made To Order
Vintage Polaroid OneStep Camera
Polaroid Black & White Film (Land Pack Film Type 107)

And, on the topic of instant photography, The Plaid Barn is giving away a Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 7S Camera and Film Kit here!

"ruined" polaroids.

I shot with my first pack of expired film a few weeks ago. I realized that the top of the photo was getting cut off, so instead of throwing away the film I tried shooting only on the bottom half of the frame. I love what the chemicals decided to do. My personal favorite is the shot where my head is cut off. So so cool. BIG thanks to The Impossible Project for replacing my old film for me! What great customer service!

music monday: Ritchie Valens - "Come On, Let's Go"

Another Monday morning rears its ugly head. The better your weekend is, the worse your Monday morning will be, I'm sure of it. Though, it is music monday, and today's song has been a bit of an obsession of mine for the last few days.

christmas in july sale!


tribal neon.

I considered titling this post, "seven photos of me and one of a horse," but then I decided to add a photo of a cocktail and all was ruined. A few weeks ago (these photos got lost in the depths of iPhoto), I used a gift card I've been squirrelling away to take Frank out to dinner at P.F. Chang's. I thought, "Get fancy, Lauren. Why not?" Frank was in a t-shirt, jeans, and loafers, so we looked pretty strange. Oh, well. The food was so good (and free), as was the Asian Pear Mojito. I don't usually drink fancy cocktails or mojitos of any kind, but this one called out to me.

what I'm wearing • dress (similar) and smoking slippers: Lulu*s | glasses: Derek Cardigan via
neon satchel: Cambridge Satchel Company (last seen here) | bracelet: Inpink

music monday: Beyoncé - "Countdown"

Usually for music monday posts, I like to feature "vintage" (meaning older than 20 years) songs, but today I have to share this ditty by Beyoncé. The song itself is about a year old, but the video is just too good not to share. I love the vintage feel of the video, especially her hair and costume choices. So sixties with a bit of "Flashdance". Love her!

sweet sunday • vintage coney island.

Coney Island is one of the weirdest places I've ever visited. The last few decades have not been kind to the once-awesome New York City beach town that is home to the famed Cyclone wooden roller coaster, Nathan's Hot Dogs, and the Mermaid Parade. The past few years have brought rumors ranging from a complete shut-down to a total rebirth. Only time will tell, I suppose. Today I'm sharing some photos of good ole Coney Island in her heyday.

All images via the Library of Congress Flickr.

independence week instant photography.

Why did I wait so long to share these? Fourth of July was on a Wednesday this year, which (for me and my friends) meant two party weekends and a day off/BBQ on Wednesday. Many beers were consumed and many "USA"s were chanted. Wish the Fourth of July happened every week. Photos taken with a Polaroid Impulse and Impossible Project film.

1 • the girls (me and elena) • 2 • the boys (neil and frank) • 3 • me, standing in front of a sign • 4 • fireworks • 5 • less impressive shot of fireworks another night • 6 • simone and jack • 7 • me and patrice (all i wanted to do that day was to eat a hot dog in the pool) • 8 • frank (in his sweet deconstructed mickey t-shirt) and jan

simple living series • some links.

Some minimalism inspiration..
Please Note: On saving money... My pal Elizabeth talks about her saving goals. Good luck, lady! :)

Elisa Blaha :: enJOY it.: whew. Elise organized her workspace and shared some photos. Quite inspiring.

..and some giveaways!
Don't miss out on your chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree and an iPad at LuLu*s!

Visit Tumbleweeds and enter to win a pair of sunglasses!

tonic tuesday 7/17 • vintage floral one-piece bathing suits.

Tonic Tuesday is back! A while ago, I decided to stop doing this weekly feature, then I brought it back for a bit, and now it's back for good. I love featuring items from other Etsy vintage sellers so much. But enough chit chat, let's get to the goods. This week's theme is vintage floral one-piece bathing suits. Get one on your body and get in a pool!

from left to right:
Tropical Resort Island Palm Tree One Piece Swim Bathing Suit
Vintage 70s swimsuit BLACK FLORAL halter strap one piece bathing suit - S
Vintage Floral One Piece Bathing Suit
Vintage 80s One Piece Bathing Suit/ Cheetah Print/ Floral
1950's Jantzen SHIRRED GOLDEN ROSES Bathing Suit S
70's TROPICAL BATHING SUIT Bombshell Size Large

music monday: The Champs - "Tequila"

I can't help but think of "The Sandlot" whenever I hear this song. That movie, this song, actual tequila--all summer staples, I'd say.

the time i met a baby goat.

I think the title explains itself. Cuteness overload!

simple living series • on storage.

I want to live by the saying, "A place for everything and everything in its right place." Therefore, I need to keep the word "storage" out of my head from now on. Pinterest (as I previously mentioned) has been my go-to for minimalism inspiration, and I have a Minimalism Pinterest board in which I pin images that help me stay on track with my goals. While pinning the other day, I searched for "storage solutions," hoping to find some tips for tucking things away in a small space. Then it hit me -- I shouldn't need storage solutions, because I shouldn't have enough stuff to warrant that! I recently read about a fashion blogger (who is probably one amongst many) who has a public storage facility for some of her clothing. That is mind-blowing to me. Even if half of the clothes were free from sponsors, that's too much. When it gets to the point when I have to pay someone else to hold my crap, slap me. Thanks!

Though, I already have a few storage bin…

simple living series • my goals.

Note: this list is subject to (and most certainly will) change.

One of the most important steps toward reaching your goals is to define them. Common sense, right? I realized today that even though I've already started my Simple Living Series, I should've started it with a list of goals. Even though it's a bit belated, here it is:

Lauren, you want to be able to:
• Fit everything you own into your car
• Only own things that you love and regularly use
• Spend less money
• When you do spend money, spend it on high-quality, long-lasting items
• Make use of what you already have
• Have a place for everything
• Avoid "storage"
• Have less to worry about
• Live simply

What are your minimalism goals?

music monday: Creedance Clearwater Revival - "Bad Moon Rising"


simple living series • on spending.

I won't be spending too much extra money during these next few months. Minimal living goes hand in hand with minimal spending, which is a glorious thing in and of itself. (Hi, student loans! I'm looking at you!) This doesn't mean that I going to stop spending money, though. I'll still get dinner with Frank and drinks with friends every so often, and I'll still buy things that I deem necessary. What I won't be buying are shelves, storage bins or racks, hangers, books and magazines on simple living, etc. I won't be buying things to aid in having other things. Silly.

While scanning Pinterest, which is pretty much my go-to for minimalism inspiration, I can't help but notice how many storage solutions and organizing tips involve spending more money. In addition to the items I listed above, Pinterest is full of other decorating ideas that would require me to spend more money and buy more things. Here, organize your q-tips in these industrial vintage jars that…