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Reseller Tips 26 • Bring Stale Inventory to a BST Shop

We’ve talked in the past about only sourcing what you love , as well as there being a lid for every pot. However, sometimes items will just not sell, at least not quickly. What to do in a situation like this? Well you could run a sale, or just have patience and hope they sell one day, or donate them....or you could bring them to a consignment or buy-sell-trade shop. Buy-sell-trade (or BST) shops are such a great way to refresh your inventory. BSTs are places like Plato’s Closet where you can sell or get store credit for your stuff. I recommend checking the website or social media accounts before heading to a BST, because some of them have very specific rules and can be quite picky with what they buy (understandably). But if your stuff is new-ish, trendy, clean, and underaged, you can probably get a few bucks or some store credit to buy new inventory. You might take a loss, but it could be worth it to get rid of things that aren’t doing well for you! A new start!

Reseller Tips 25 • Create and Maintain an Inventory System

I mentioned in the past that one of the first pieces of advice I give to new sellers/resellers is to buy a scale . Another important introductory tip is to create and maintain an inventory system. It’s a terrible feeling when you sell something and quickly realize you don’t know where it is. Or if you sell similar items and can’t determine which one you sold and which you didn’t! To avoid that stress (or having to refund and disappoint your buyer) please start an inventory system ASAP. You can create a very simple SKU system and a little Google sheet. It doesn’t need to be complicated (but totally can be if you’re a spreadsheet freak like me)! Simple: Item title or description, SKU number, location. Complex: price, listed date, sold date, quantity, profit, etc. If you’re new to the game, start one now. If you’re old to the game, start one now. It may seem daunting, but will not take as much time as you think (I promise) and will save you time in the long run. A detailed spreadsheet

Reseller Tips 24 • Thrift with a Friend

Thrifting by yourself is great. It gives you an opportunity to wander and get your steps in, score some awesome items, have alone time (even if you're in public), listen to audiobooks or podcasts , and shop without worrying about someone else. But thrifting with a friend is such a fun way to switch things up! I like thrifting with my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, and my friends when they have time; and here’s why! You have a buddy with you to make jokes with or point out funny or interesting things you find. Sometimes when I thrift alone, I’ll text funny items to people, but it’s not the same as holding up a hilarious t-shirt and having a giggle. It’s also great to have a second set of eyes. Your friend might spot something you missed! I like taking my boyfriend with me because he’s a little more picky than I am, and he’ll be honest with me if I want to buy something and it’s a little ridiculous. He helps me keep my tab low. 😂 Do you ever thrift with someone else or are you a lo

Reseller Tips 23 • Stop Scrolling

Of all the tips I’ve ever given, this one might be the one I struggle with the most. Here’s Lauren, having a super fun and productive morning. Here she is checking her phone while she eats lunch. Here she is three hours later, laying on the couch watching Instagram reels. Wait what how why?? Don’t get me wrong, we live in a world in which our phones are almost a necessity, and what a valuable resource! Everything at our fingertips! But when you’re mindlessly scrolling, or doom scrolling, or simply wasting precious time on your phone, you need to put it down and walk away. And I know that’s easier said than done (especially during a pandemic) but it is doable. Some tips: - Just put it down and walk away - Put it on airplane mode or do not disturb - Set up the built in feature of monitoring your time on social media or other apps - Download an app that shuts it down for you - Film yourself working as a time-lapse (if you're recording with it, you won't keep checking it) - Set a