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ATTN: Vintage Resellers!

Hello my fellow resellers! Are you missing thrifting as much as I am?? If you are on the hunt for fresh vintage inventory while the brick and mortar shops are closed, check out A Wild Tonic Vintage on Etsy ! I'm willing to give pretty hefty discounts on multi-item purchases, so don't be afraid to send me a message with an offer. Good luck on the hunt, friends!

My Favorite Podcasts at the Moment!

My Favorite Murder ( iTunes ) Probably my favorite podcast ever, Karen and Georgia talk about true crime with a touch of comedy. Murderinos for life! You're Wrong About ( iTunes ) Michael and Sara teach us all about things we're (you guessed it!) wrong about. They are so smart and hilarious to listen to. I particularly have been enjoying their coverage of the OJ Simpson case. Fatal Voyage ( iTunes ) There are three seasons of Fatal Voyage out right now, only one of which I've listened to, but I can't wait to catch up on all three (Princess Diana, Natalie Wood, and JFK Jr.) The Killing of Jon Benet ( iTunes ) A very sad look into the details of Jon Benet Ramsey's death. Man in the Window ( iTunes ) "Scared out of my mind" is a great way to describe how I felt while listening to this podcast about the Golden State Killer and his victims. She's on the Money ( iTunes ) It's important to have one non-true-crime-and/or-murder-related podc