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REVIEW: Pink Specs from!

Glasses have become part of my identity in the last few years. While they are a necessity, they can certainly be a fashion statement all on their own. I have many pairs of eyeglasses, but these are without a doubt the most unique! GlassesShop offered to send me a pair of prescription eyeglasses to review, and I decided on something a little less ordinary. These pink pretties are great for days when my outfit is a little more simple, but they're also perfect for a fun retro look too! I recently wore them on a trip down to the boardwalk with my dog Jack. Since I moved to Asbury Park, I've tried to spend as much time as I can walking around and exploring, at least until it gets too cold. This day in particular was a little breezy but offered a beautiful sky during sunset. We walked past the last Stone Pony Summer Stage show, down to the Convention Hall, and even further to the 8th Ave dog beach! We were the only ones there, so we took some selfies, read a bit of my tarot