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Reseller Tips 21 • Rest

When was the last time you really rested? If your answer isn't within the last week, I'm gonna need you to do it ASAP. You can't pour from an empty cup, friends! And I'm talking about real rest, not scrolling your phone or watching Netflix on the couch. I'm talking about lavender lotion slathered. blackout curtains closed, weighted blanket on, no phone or alarm nearby straight-up: RESTING!

Reseller Tips 20 • Take Advantage of USPS

An important piece of advice for new or seasoned sellers or resellers is to take advantage of the United States postal service. And I don't mean “take advantage" in the negative connotation, I mean that you should take full advantage of all the great supplies and services they provide. First up: supplies! Did you know you can pick up in store, or order online, free priority and express mail shipping boxes and mailers? Check out the website or your local store. Also don’t forget to schedule your pickups to save time going to the post office. And as always, remember to be kind to the workers . They deal with a lot!

Reseller Tips 19 • There's a Lid for Every Pot

Many many moons ago, when I was a teen, I worked at Marshall’s as a cashier. To make work a little more fun, I would play a game and guess what kind of people were shopping and what their plans were for the day, based strictly off of what they were buying. Still to this day I wonder what the cashier thinks about me based on my random items at Target or Home Depot. Like oh a plunger, duct tape, and succulents... hmmm.....? The point of this little tale is the expression “there’s a lid for every pot”. Sometimes when I’m sourcing or going through old items to sell, I wonder “who on earth will want to buy this random sweater or trinket?” But I can almost guarantee no matter how seemingly random the item may be, someone somewhere will want it for some reason. Examples: vintage (unused) underwear, old iPod boxes, vintage scented powder with a cracked lid, accessories with names or initials embossed or embroidered on them, I could go on and on. Keep that in mind while sourcing!