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095. #donald4spiderman

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094. 5/29 etsy preview: brown sugar.

Good afternoon, and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! :D Here's some new vintage that's coming soon to the Etsy shop ! I've got a literal ton of jewelry and some great new accessories. I finally had a chance to shoot most of it last night, now I just have to edit pictures and list! Check out the shop for all this and more, and have a great, safe weekend!

093. don't bother to pack your bags.

So I've been back from my Floridian vacation since Monday, but am only now getting around to posting about it. Long story short--hot/beautiful weather, 2-day excursion to Disney, laughing at many different sea and land creatures, the LOST series finale, too much food, lots of sunblock, little sleep. Here are some photos so you can get a better idea! Most days were spent in the yard overlooking the bay, drinking a beer I've never had before called "Trouble," sometimes laying on an air mattress or in the grass. My sister, our boyfriends, and I went to Disney World for two days. As you can expect, it was magical. Here we are in front of Spaceship Earth. I'm wearing a dress and shades from Forever 21, a vintage owl necklace, black flats from Fred Flare, and my Mickey ears. My boyfriend is wearing clothes that he never wears in an attempt at comfort and I think he looks adorable in his polo and khakis (he's normally in skinny jeans and band t-shirts). Hyster

092. vacation giveaway winner!

I'm pleased to announce the winner of my first very-own giveaway: Jo! Congratulations, and I hope you love your new vintage necklace set. I really liked doing this giveaway while I was on vacation, and I think I'll schedule a lot more in the near future. What a great way to spread the word about my shop, and give people a chance to win a prize! Thanks a lot to the entrants!


Sooooo I'm going away on vacation for a week with my family. If you follow my blog at all, I'm sure you've read about it already, but if you don't: I'm going to Redington Beach and Disney World. Equally stoked for both locations. Anyway, I thought I'd launch my first giveaway as a sort of "Bon Voyage, Lauren!" It starts tonight (since I leave the house at 4:00 tomorrow morning), and ends on Monday, May 24th, the day I return to New Jersey (booooo). A WILD TONIC'S FIRST GIVEAWAY! HOORAY! Prize! Set of two vintage gold tone chain necklaces . as seen here: Set of Two Vintage Gold Chain Necklaces (Note: necklace style may vary slightly from those pictured) Rules! There are a few different ways to get entries. For each thing you do, please leave a SEPARATE comment, so all of your votes will count! Also, if your email address isn't already linked to your account, please be sure to leave a way to contact you. How to enter! -

090. baby's first treasury!

I woke up early this morning to find that I've been featured in a #ssps Treasury . I am SO excited, I can barely take it. :) Have a grrrrrrreat day, everyone!

089. 5/16 etsy preview.

Here are some new items coming up in my Etsy shop in the next few days. Two vintage leather Coach purses and 3 sets of clip-on earrings. Beauties, all around. ALSO! I'll be starting a giveaway tomorrow! It'll last throughout the week I'm away and end when I return. Check the blog tomorrow for details. :)

088. 5/15 updates.

Work is getting pretty hectic. I actually worked for five hours this morning. Yea, Saturday. You know how many yard sales I missed? Let's not talk about it. But I am making money to spend in Florida, so it's all good. I updated the formatting of my blog this afternoon. I like it a lot. Can everyone still see everything okay? Also, I started a page for no real reason. Check it out here: A Wild Tonic Vintage In other news, I started a sale today at work in an attempt to curb some boredom and move some vintage out of the shop . It's called the "Name Your Price" Sale! Pretty much, if you like an item in the section titled " name your price sale ," send me a convo with your offer, I'll update the listing, and you can buy it. Great, right? I thought so too. And finally, here's some new vintage found in my Etsy shop . Vintage Sequined Butterfly Top in Black, White, and Silver Vintage Blue Nautical Sweater with Gold Embroidered Em

087. Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes

Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes : "Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes"

086. happy mother's day!

Treat yo mommas well today! :)

085. anniversary!

Yesterday was my boyfriend and my first anniversary. Last Cinco de Mayo we went to a mall-parking-lot-carnival (which was rained out) and Ruby Tuesday for our first official "date." To celebrate our anniversary yesterday, we did the same thing, only this time it didn't rain! Hooray. Some pictures: Rides! Our tickets. View from the Ferris Wheel. My amazing new shoes that I bought at a yard sale in New Hope, PA. (Post coming soon!) I bought my man a vintage leather jacket from MisterMoxie on Etsy. He bought me a purse pen from Tiffany. Good game, us. Such an excellent evening. I was swooning the whole time. Side note: Ruby Tuesday is DELICIOUS for a chain restaurant. I pretty much ate myself sick. Also, everyone check out my pal Robyn at Twitch Vintage, who is celebrating an anniversary today ! Love is in the air! :)

084. new in the shop 5/6.

Hey there and Good Morning! Check out some cool new pieces from my Etsy vintage shop . Lovely Light Vintage VERA Pink, Blue, and White Floral Scarf Gorgeous Large Vintage Floral Scarf (Blue, Purple, White) in Perfect Condition Vintage '80s Gold Straw Shoulder Bag

083. infomercial fails.

Absolutely hysterical. Who knew doing simple human tasks was so hard? As a minimalist-in-training, I can't relate to the people in these commercials. There are other ways to "fix" your "problems" than by buying lots of junk. Regardless, this video is funny and the Beatles soundtrack doesn't hurt either.

082. GA.

About a month has passed by since I correctly set up my Google Analytics account. I am a woman obsessed. I check compulsively to see which sites I'm getting traffic from, what items are viewed the most in my shop , and how many visitors I get from different countries. I'm not trying to say that I get a lot of views or anything, I just love researching. In my Etsy shop, I've gotten the most visitors from United States (every state!) My second biggest territory is Australia. Also, my most popular blog posts are the ones about "LOST." Is this cool to anyone else? Haha! In other news, IT'S MAY. A New Month's Resolution post is coming soon. Get ready.