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060. a contrived whimsy

Probably my favorite new site. Even though most of what's on this site is really pretty and adorable, I love how they poke fun at these people. Hilarious! shhhh, please don’t tell papa that I stole his vintage guitar for a photoshoot in the backyard! he would be ever so full of ire. I actually really like her glasses, and I'm in the market for new glasses. Hmmm. They even go as far as to regard ModCloth's outfit descriptions, which I've noticed in the past for how silly they can sometimes be. Check it out! via .

059. martha stewart cabinet and bureau projects.

Martha makes me better.     via .

058. things i did after i got out of work early yesterday.

Good morning! Greetings from snowy Central Jersey. I'm currently laying in my bed, sans sheets, drinking coffee, and checking Twitter . I'm also reflecting on the work I did yesterday and debating if I want to continue working today or take it easy. I'm thinking it's possible to do both: work whilst taking it easy, perhaps? We'll see. But in the mean time, let's review yesterday. I put on some Fleet Foxes to keep me moving. Some of their songs are terribly fitting for this weather. I started by cleaning off this side table (which I have temporarily in my room until I get one that fits better) and pouring myself a Jameson and ginger ale. Then I stripped my bed and got started with some laundry. Fun fact: I never put my sheets back on my bed and ending up sleeping on that foam thing last night. Not so comfortable! An added benefit to cleaning. I swept under my bed and found ten cents. Holla! My Etsy / eBay / / EYS stuff.  Then I s

057. things i plan on doing when i get out of work early today.

clean my room take pictures and post items on Etsy watch "White Christmas" because it's snowing drink some whiskey to keep warm pack up clothes to donate brainstorm new blog post ideas do laundry and wash my bedding manicure and pedicure start putting together my photography portfolio Sounds good to me.

056. a new bag and "one in, two out"

A new policy I've tried to develop in my quest for minimalism is the rule of "one in, two out." This pretty much means that any time I buy anything, I have to get rid of two of the same type of thing. For example, I just bought this Kate Spade bag at the Sample Sale , so now I have to get rid of two bags. Ahh, I need better self-control. But it's so pretty! And it was on sale! Come on! I guess you can expect some eBay auctions to start up today or tonight. Haha!

055. fancy bulletin board.

I have no real need for this but it's pretty to look at and creative. Martha always wins.   via .

054. a quick update.

Quick update! So in addition to my full-time job and trying to maintain relationships with my family, friends, and boyfriend, I've got a lot going on. First up, is A Wild Tonic's Electronic Yard Sale , also known as Tonic Electronic ;). It's a big (and ever-growing) listing of pieces of clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, perfume, handmade goods, and photography prints (and hopefully more soon!). It is exactly what it sounds like, a yard sale without the yard. I'm trying to add new items daily, but sometimes can't find the time. Most, if not all, of the items are very cheap because I'm on a quest for minimalism and would rather get rid of things than get rich. I'm constantly having big sales in an effort to move merchandise quickly. My only real complaint is that some of the pictures I've taken aren't of the best quality. When life slows down a bit, I'll definitely work on taking better photos because I understand how important that is to s

053. unusual legwear.

Crazy tights! HOW COOL ARE THESE? I wish so badly that I had a place to wear these, but I spend most of my life at work or in sweatpants. Maybe I'll make my own pair? Hmmmm. via .

052. a very pretty closet substitute.

I'm not sure if there is anything that would warrant me doing this in my house, but it sure is pretty. Don't know the source!

051. recently in my mailbox.

A few weeks ago, I made a posted about a sweet contest from Jo's Studio . Well, I ended up winning the first place prize! I never win things, so I was doubly excited to receive this package in my mailbox. Extra love to Jo's Studio, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow. Thank you again so so much, Kara! Another awesome treat that I got in the mail was a little non-contest giveaway from La Petite Boheme . It's a little bit of creativity and inspiration, along with a business card and a coupon! I love this idea (and will probably do something like this soon), and am truly appreciative of the generosity! Thank you!

050. lost (and 24)-themed valentine's day cards.

These are brilliant! via .

049. jelly bean portraits.

How fun and creative! I want one, but I'd likely eat it.     via .

048. Victoria's Secret Wild Card

Check out the link below to enter Victoria's Secret Wild Card Contest. Mind you, I'm just sharing the link, not promoting or gaining anything from posting this. I just thought I'd spread the word. You can play once a day, and pretty much always "win" something. I've already got two coupons for something free with a purchase. Pretty cool! Victoria's Secret Wild Card

047. forks!

How cool are forks? First of all, they are tools for eating, which is probably the greatest thing humans can do, second to sleeping. Also, they are so visually pleasing, especially antique untensils. Etsy's got a lot of fork-related goods. Check out some of my favorites below, and click on each image to get to the listing.

046. flamenco shower curtain.


045. february new month's resolutions.

Instead of making resolutions for the New Year, which I find to be generally unattainable and unrealistic, I decided to make resolutions each month.   For February, I picked three resolutions: to drink one glass of milk per day, to practice violin for 15 minutes, twice a week, and to sort through all of my clothing and accessories to find what I need and sell what I don't at my Electronic Yard Sale .   I'll post an update around the middle of the month. What are your resolutions?  

044. groundhog day.

THANKS FOR NOTHING, PHIL. I don't care what he says, I say spring's almost here. Anyone with me?

043. january new month's resolutions wrap-up.

January New Month's Resolutions Wrap-Up 1. To actually use my new Moleskine planner. I did very well with this goal; I kept up with my planner perfectly. I always knew when I had plans and when I didn't, and I never double-booked (as I tend to do). I intend on keeping up with this goal throughout the rest of the year. 2. To teach myself to be ambidextrous. This goal could use a bit more work. Unfortunately, I didn't really have a lot of time or opportunities to practice writing with my left hand. I did make some great strides, though, and I think if I keep with it, I can definitely become better at it soon. 3. And to rewatch all 5 seasons of "Lost" before February 2nd. It is currently 9:36 pm on February 1st, 2010, and I am watching Season 5 Episode 14. I will absolutely finish rewatching the series by tomorrow at 8:00 pm when the new season premieres. I CAN'T WAIT. All in all, I'd say the first month of 2010 was a great success. Here's to