New Year Goals with!

With the new year (and new decade) nearly upon us, I have already found myself mapping out my goals for 2020. My resolutions aren't unusual; mostly financial or health-related. (Share some of yours below, if you would!) I made a huge list of potential goals, then narrowed it down to what was truly important to me at this time, and finally divided it out by month. I chose certain goals for the brighter, summery months like hiking and buying fresh flowers for my apartment once a week. Other goals I planned for the winter months, like backing up all my photos and data to an external hard drive and completing a 31-day squat challenge!

A site I recently learned about is FeelinGirl. They offer a wide array of clothing items, including women high waisted workout leggings that would be perfect for my squat challenge goal! If getting healthy/healthier is one of your goals too, they also offer sports bras and yoga pants.

FeelinGirl has a lot of great sales and offers going on at the moment, …

10 Tips to Successfully Complete a No-Spend Month!

No-Spend November is upon us! While a no-spend month can be done any month of the year, it's quite popular around this time of year, isn't it? Perhaps it's a bit of a calm-before-the-storm kinda thing before the very spendy holiday season? Or maybe it's just a nice alliteration? Who knows? I've completed many no-spend months, and I'm here today to share my tips on how to successfully complete a no spend month. Read on for my ten tips!

1. Plan ahead

2. Focus on work and making money versus spending

3. Create new habits, develop new hobbies, chase after new goals, and use what you have

4. Unsubscribe and unfollow

5. Print or create savings or debt trackers for motivation

6. Find inspiration on the Internet

7. Realize "things" aren’t as important as your goals

8. Hang out with yourself, but inform your friends and family

9. Don’t give in to temptation, but don’t be hard on yourself if you do

10. Reflect and have gratitude

Seems pretty easy, right? Rea…

Celebrating 10 Years of Sporti with!

Image’s Sporti line is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and I'm so happy to be partnering with them again to celebrate! The last time was way back in 2015 (!) and I still wear the bathing suit they sent me

This adorable polka dot swim suit will be perfect for my Mexican vacation coming up in February. The weather in New Jersey recently hasn't been bathing-suit-worthy, but Shamus and I had fun snapping these photos on the misty shore.

The shorts are super comfy and might actually be a last-minute Halloween costume for me tomorrow. My favorite gifted item has to be these swim leggings though! As a minimalist in training, I really appreciate multi-purpose garments, and these leggings can be worn to swim, to work out, or even to work, after washing them of course. ;)

Bathing suit, shorts, and swim leggings: c/o

ClubSwim Glamour Polka Dot Twist Underwire Bikini Top
ClubSwim Glamour Polka Dot Ultra High Waist Swim Brief Bottom
Sporti Guar…

Warm Weather Ready with Chicgostyle!

Are you in the market for some affordable and super-trendy clothing? I have to admit, even as a wannabe-minimalist, I'm pretty tempted by Chicgostyle. There are SO many cute pieces available on this site, I'm surprised I haven't heard about it until now. Chicgostyle is packed to the gills with cheap clothes for women. I'm talking tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, outerwear, and even mens clothing! Seriously, I dare you to go to Chicgostyle and NOT find something you like. It's practically impossible. ;)

They also have a wide range of cheap sexy dresses for bachelorette parties, club nights, or even just a special dinner out. I'm particularly fond of Round Neck Belt Plain Maxi Dresses (pictured above). I love the the classic cut, the beautiful color (that deep blue!), the versatility (this can be dressed up or down for so many occasions!), and the price (it's less than $20!)

I don't think I've talked about this yet, but I'm going to Mexico for…

Wanderlust Print Co Sale!

Hey babes! We're having a crazy sale in the Wanderlust Print Co shop! All prints are 50% off (that's $4.49 to $6.49) with free shipping! Nuts, I know. Tell your friends, and keep on wandering! xoxo

Weekend Links

Happy Friday, my babes! I'll be enjoying a relaxing weekend with almost no solid plans and I'm very much looking forward to it. The last week or so has been nonstop, man. I thought life was going to slow down after the New Year, but boy, was I wrong. Hoping this weekend leaves me recharged and refreshed. What are your plans? On to the links!

"I Hired a Professional Organizer and It Changed My Life" - This is a lovely story about minimizing. It really resonated with me, since I recently decided I want to pursue a side-hustle as an organizer (see more on my Instagram post). Hit me up if you need some help!

• Loved this article about The Norwegian art of the packed lunch. A few months ago, I did a no-spend month, and I realized that most of my spending was on lunch. I've severely limited eating out for lunch since then, and it is really a game changer.

• Props to the New York Times for answering a question on everyone's mind: What Is Glitter?

Bags and Baby Clothes from Popreal!

I still have a few years left before (maybe) becoming a mother, but I can certainly appreciate some adorable kids clothes. I audibly squeal at little suits and dresses in Target like a crazy person every time I'm there. I can't help it! Buying gifts for a baby shower is always a blast, too. It seems like a whole different world.

Today I'm working with Popreal to showcase some cute bags for girls, like the flamingo backpack above (Flamingos Prints Zipper Backpack). Could you DIE? Would I look crazy wearing it? Would it even fit my body? Why do little girls get the best clothes and accessories? I have a friend who loves flamingos, and if/when she has a baby, that baby will get this bag as a gift in the hospital.

Another type of bag that's easy to find at Popreal is the statement bag. Animals, robots, airplanes and rockets (Rocket Pattern Crossbody Bag), fruits and snacks (Fruits Style Girls Crossbody Bag), and more! They have backpacks, handbags, and coin purses in all …