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Where to Donate Different Items: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Updated: 6/23/21 As a forever work-in-progress minimalist, I'm always looking for ways to smartly let go of items in my home. I try to limit incoming items, but somehow things pile up, and every once in a while I find myself with things to get rid of. To avoid anything ending up in a landfill, here are some places I've found helpful to consciously say goodbye to things. Do you have something you're trying to get rid of and don't know where to bring it? Leave it in a comment and I'll add it to this list. My goal is for this list to be as comprehensive as possible to avoid further pollution and to give items a new home. (Please note: some of the below links will include referal codes, so if you sign up I might receive compensation of some sort. Questions? Leave a comment below and I'll address it!) Consignment/BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) Shops - Do you have clothing and accessories that are still trendy and in good shape? Consider bringing them to a consignm