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Reseller Tips 18 • Learn from Your Flaws

Example: I try to post on Instagram once a day. I’ve realized lately that I always forget to post on the weekends. So I bum myself out about being “lazy” or whatever. Until this past weekend when it clicked—why don’t you prepare two posts for the weekend on Thursday or Friday? That way you can just post 'em without thinking too much about it and even if you’re busy?? Hello, so obvious right?

Reseller Tips 17 • Send Offer to Likers

Today’s tip is quick, but it’s a good one! If you sell on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, etc...please send offers to folks who like your items. Everyone likes a good deal, or at least thinking they’re getting a good deal. Many of my past sales on Poshmark have been from accepted offers. As long as you aren’t losing money or the deal, what’s the harm? The goal here is to get these items into happy new homes, not sit in a bin in your basement, right? Okay, your homework is to go send some offers. Hope you make a sale! 🤑 P.S. Head to my links page to sign up for Poshmark, Mercari, and more with my referral code!

Reseller Tips 16 • Source What You Love

Being a reseller is so cool. You’re saving items from going into a landfill, helping folks feel their best at lower prices, and making extra money while doing it. A particularly cool thing about reselling is most of the items you source have been used previously (except for deadstock/NWT items), which means you essentially have a second closet! That’s why I always recommend sourcing items you love! Another reason I love sourcing things I love is just in case the item doesn’t sell, I can keep it, use it, and love it! Just don’t do this all the time, because then you’re just shopping, not sourcing. 😉 Sourcing what you love is great too, because you have more fun while doing it, and I think that really shows in your photos, listings, social media, and general attitude towards reselling.

Reseller Tips 15 • Get a Plant

This is perhaps a frivolous “tip” but I don’t care because I gosh dang love some houseplants. Plants are a perfectly simple and low cost way to brighten up your workspace, literally and figuratively! Even if you don’t think you have a green thumb, I promise there are a lot of indoor plant options which are terribly easy to take care of. I have a plant that I water once a week that’s been with me for about 5 years! Okay but you insist you won’t be able to keep a plant alive? Keep an eye out at your local thrift store for a faux plant or succulent. I see them all the time! Hope this tip brightens your workspace and your day! 🪴