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Let's Make Habits Week 7!

Week 7 (September 28) - What You've Learned About Yourself
• I have a hard time maintaining a schedule.
• Maybe I need a better schedule?
• Working at a restaurant and blogging/maintaining a shop is tricky, but not impossible.
• I have a weird attachment to some pieces of clothing.
• I'm happier when I'm busy. More often than not, I get frustrated and lay around, and therefore feel worse.
• Reading other blogs is a blessing and a curse for me.
• Not spending money for a month is HARD. I actually cracked a few times, but more on that soon.
• I started off this series with one goal, and it turned into three. Am I an over-achiever? Or an over-aspirer?

That Vintage Peacock Napkin Holder is in the shop right here!

How to Wear Vintage • Basics.

I'm on a mission to clean out my wardrobe and have a closet stocked with well thought-out and highly wearable basics. A few statement pieces are okay every now and then, but you really can't go wrong with the essentials. Use accessories to make your outfits different, and you'll save space in your closet and money in your wallet. Right?

Vintage Chambray Shirtdress - Vintage Blue Dress - Size Large/X-Large
Vintage R Pin - Gold Tone Initial Brooch
Vintage Tweed Purse - Bucket Bag with Short and Long Straps - Bags by JoLe
Vintage Emerald Green Shoes - Vintage Heels - Size 8

Looking for more How to Wear Vintage posts?

The Paraders Sale • 70% Off!

The sale at The Paraders that I blogged about a few weeks ago is now up to 70% off! Do yourself a favor and go buy some amazing vintage at crazy low prices. Hurry though, it ends Sunday 9/29!

Back to Black.

After about a year break, I'm back to working at a restaurant with my sister. If things are quiet around here or in the shop, that's why. I went to Target this morning for new black clothes and left spending $75 (how? always?!). Pray for my knees, please. Waiting tables isn't easy on this ancient 27-year-old body. Oh, and that fish up there? He and his tank-mates are hilarious. If something puts me in a bad mood while working, I just look at the fish tank and feel better. ;)

WEARING • On a Picnic.

I think I've mentioned this before on the blog, but in case I haven't..Frank is starting a new program at SAE in a few days! I'm really proud and happy and excited for him, but I know that our time together over the next few months will be limited. We've been trying to spend a lot of time together before school starts to make up for it. Last week, he surprised me with a picnic lunch on a hiking trail near his house. We dined on fried chicken, salad, and other delicious snacks. He played his "Return of the Mack" Pandora station. The bugs didn't bother us. The weather was sunny and cool. It was amazing!

glasses: Derek Cardigan via
top: Target
cardigan: vintage
jeans: Gap
purse: vintage
bracelets: all vintage--yard sale, was my mom's, flea market in London
shoes: Sperry via Plato's Closet

Shop Preview • Vintage Home Goods.

These pretty things (and more) will be headed to the shop very soon. Contact me with any questions or if you want first dibs.

Let's Make Habits Weeks 5 and 6!

Week 5 (September 14) - Pushing Yourself Through Rough Patches
Week 6 (September 21) - Share Some Photos from Your Experience

I somehow managed to skip a week in the Let's Make Habits challenge twice now! Though I may miss the weekly recap posts every so often, I'm still keeping up with my goal(s) very, very well!

This post is a little late today, but it's okay because I biked for 90 minutes earlier this evening! I'm so happy that I'm getting back into biking, I don't even mind that I skipped my normal blogging time. Biking daily again might be a habit to add to the list.Jenny wisely said last week, "I think it's important to be realistic, but not give yourself a way out of doing the hard work." That resonates with something I was discussing with Frank just the other day. I need to find a better balance between working and not-working, for sure.I've still managed to blog at least once a day every day. I might end this goal in October or I migh…

How to Wear Vintage • AUTUMN.


In the Shop • '90s Style!

Vintage Plaid Jumper - School Uniform Costume - Green and Blue Plaid - Size Medium
Vintage Babydoll Dress - Red Dress with Floral Print - Size Medium/Large
Vintage Black and Floral Print Dress - 1980s Baby Doll Dress
Vintage Romper - Grunge Red with Floral Print - Size Medium
Vintage Floral Dress - White Dress with Blue Floral Print - Size Small/Medium
Vintage Neon Plaid Romper - School Uniform Costume - Neon Green and Blue Plaid - Size MediumI don't think I'm alone in saying that I'm so glad '90s style is back in style. Baby doll dresses, grunge, floral prints, boots with dresses, plaid, rompers! I love it all, and I blame "Clueless" for the most part. I'm wondering if mini-backpacks are cool again too..? I think I have a few in the basement somewhere...

Gone Picnickin'.

Hi guys! I'm taking the day off to hang out with Frank and eat food outdoors. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Enjoy! :) (Purse coming to the shop soon!)

WEARING • A Preseason Trip to the Farm.

The other night, Frank and I took a "preseason" trip to one of the local farms near my house. Like many (some?) of you, I cannot wait for fall to officially begin. The folks at the Cheesequake Farms were actually still setting up for autumn/Halloween, and they told us they won't have any apple cider (all I wanted) for another week or so. All was not lost though, I bought a tiny pumpkin for $1.49, and we got to meet Penelope the Pig. That sweet little pig was left at the farm one day. The farmers found her running around the fields, thinking it was a groundhog. They called her Penelope, and now she hangs out with visitors and sleeps in a special apple crate. SO cute. Also, yes. My t-shirt does say "I ♥ Intercourse". I found it at a gift shop in Intercourse, Pennsylvania a while back and I couldn't not buy it. Heh! ;)

glasses: Derek Cardigan via
flannel: Forever 21
t-shirt: souvenir from Intercourse, PA
jeans: Lucky Brand
backpack: vintage, from a…