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WEARING: First Day of Spring with ToSave!

Plant shopping on the first day of spring turned into a mini-photo shoot in Home Depot. Diana casually snapped some photos of me and Erica, and all we could do was laugh thinking about what the employees were thinking. "Oh no, not another photo shoot in the cactus aisle." The dress that I'm wearing as a top and the blouse Erica is wearing are gifts from . The blouse was a little too tight on me, so I gave it to my sister. It has such a beautiful flower pattern on it, she fit right in amongst the heather (also called " Erica "! So trippy!). My dress is a bit too bright to wear to work as is, so I wear it as a top with this blue vintage skirt. We call it my "Conceptual Clueless" outfit because it vaguely reminds us of something Cher Horowitz would wear. We left with a few new succulents and plants and planters and lavender all-purpose household cleaner – bye, all of my money. But who needs money? It's spring! Lauren dress: crush


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