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current obsession: "wild heart" banner from nice.

Check out this beauty. I'd love to hang this in my office above my desk. C'mon -- A Wild Tonic + Wild Heart?! It's a match made in heaven! Maybe I'll treat myself to it for Christmas..

Find it here.

shop preview/update • dresses, scarves, a purse, and some mason jars!

Two shop previews in one week? Oh, yes. Here's another preview of some of the new items coming into the shop soon--dresses, scarves, a purse, and mason jars! If you have any questions or if you'd like to reserve an item, email me at for more info.

the durham fair 2011!

Last weekend I went to my 5th Durham Fair in Durham, Connecticut. My friend Megan grew up going to that fair, so during our sophomore year at college she invited us to go with her. We've been going ever since (except that one year it rained really hard and I missed the Gin Blossoms). The fair is exactly what you'd imagine a county fair to be--delicious fair food, farm animals everywhere, screaming teenagers everywhere, rides, cover bands, the works. This year the big act was Blues Traveler and they blew my mind. I only know one or two of their songs, but they still rocked my brain. John Popper (the lead singer and harmonica player) was unreal. He must have the world's greatest lung capacity because he sang and played the harmonica back and forth for two hours and sounded awesome the whole time. They covered "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," "What I Got," and "I Want You to Want Me," which was extra-cool.

• The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.
• Someo…

tonic tuesday 9/27: autumn leaves.


the beginning of autumn.



I am amazed at these photos from the series "Iconatomy" by George Chamoun. These are images of classic celebrities merged with current-day ones. Incredible, no? My favorite is Audrey/Natalie. I wish there was more in this collection!

via georgechamoun.

music monday: Ritchie Valens - "La Bamba"


shop preview • jewelry, scarves, and ice skates!

Here's a preview of some of the new items coming into the shop soon--jewelry, scarves, and ice skates! If you have any questions or if you'd like to reserve an item, email me at for more info.

tonic tuesday 9/20: tuesday tv this fall!

Tonight is the season premiere of "Glee" and the series premiere of "New Girl," so this week's tonic tuesday is all about these two fun shows. I feel like both shows are the love-it-or-hate-it type of shows (and I love 'em). What do you think about them? Click the links below to go to the Etsy listings.

honey bee sweater / 80s black yellow / glee emma pillsbury
Vintage Track Jacket Warm Maroon White 70s Coat Sports Running LARGE
Glee Club vintage 1980s high rise black shorts with stripe tie belt

Vintage 1950's NERD Glasses
lovely red vintage patterned summer dress M
50's Wool Red Plaid Flannel
vintage DIRTY DANCING pin brooch & Record token 1987

belated music monday!

I forgot to schedule my music monday post yesterday! Silly Lauren! Funny, though..I wanted to post this awesome song by Great Lake Swimmers, and I realized today that I actually already posted this song back in November. Check out that post as my belated-music monday post this week!

twenty five.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and what a great day it was! I woke up early to get a free Grand Slam at Denny's with my sister, Erica, and my best friend, Kim. Then Erica and I dropped off some supplies at the animal shelter in town. We donated old blankets, pillows, and towels, which the shelter uses frequently. It felt so good to get rid of these items we were no longer using, especially when the items were going to be put to good use and not just thrown away!

After that, I found out that Frank took the day off from work. It was such a great surprise! We got lunch and took a trip to the post office (he is so patient with me when I have shop work to do, it's not even funny).

For dinner, my mom, dad, Erica, Frank, and I went to my favorite Thai restaurant. We stuffed our faces, but left room for dessert. Hello, fried ice cream! Then Kim picked up me and Frank and we met some friends in New Brunswick for a few drinks. It was really a fantastic day.

I'd say the only downfa…


I had so much fun at the ModCloth/Swap event this past weekend! Many, many thanks to all the ModCloth and Swapaholics folks who worked hard to put together an awesome shindig! It was so nice to hang out with a bunch of ladies that are all interested in the same thing. I only took a handful of photos, so I'm stealing some from Maria and the Swapaholics. Check out Maria's recap post here, and be sure to visit the Swapaholics Facebook page for more photos.

I got to meet two lovely women whose blogs I happen to sponsor, Tieka of Selective Potential and Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage. I also got to chat with Jen of Jen Loves Kev and Julie of Orchid Grey for a bit, which was very exciting. The ladies from ModCloth were so super sweet, especially Turi (who helped me out when I had a problem with my RSVP), and the Swapaholics (and their photographer Adam) were just too cool for words. We were each allowed to swap two items with other bloggers plus we got a free item from ModCloth. I c…