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peter pan and pink.

I am utterly in love with this dress, specifically the Peter Pan collar and the bright pink sheer top. After my internship, I'm going to Frank's cover band's show. This dress works for both my internship and my night out at the bar. Perfection! Happy weekend, friends! Any fun plans for you?

dress: Retro-Spectator Black and Pink Dress c/o Lulu*s | necklace: Leighelena
tights: gift from my mom; from Kohl's? | velvet platform wedges: Urban Outfitters

vintage walt disney world photos.

Another busy morning means no time for outfit shots today. I'm kinda bummed because I've really been trying to keep up with it, but I just don't have time this morning. However, I have a fun little treat instead. These are some photos that my mom found while cleaning out my grandma's house. In the 1970s, my mom took my aunt, who is 13 years younger than her, to Walt Disney World for vacation. I love all things Disney, so when I saw these photos I went a little crazy. I love Disney history and I think the company as a whole is fascinating. I really love seeing the Florida Orange Bird and all the '70s fashion, too! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Wasn't my aunt so cute?

And check out what a babe my mom was (still is)!

working/not working.

After a much-appreciated three-day break, here I am back at my internship. Unfortunately, Frank is home sick from work today. How typical, my first day back is his sick-day. I did get to make him some tea and soup this morning before I left, so I suppose I helped a bit. I'll also be heading to his house after work with a CVS bag full of goodies--Airborne, OJ, Nyquil, candy, really whatever I see at the convenience store that I think will cheer him up. Here's hoping he doesn't read this until later tonight! ;) One benefit of Frank's illness is that I had a photographer for my outfit shots! It's so much easier when he does it for me than when I have to use the tripod and remote. I wanted to dress up a bit for the internship, but it's been a little chilly around here the past few days, so I paired this adorable sheer-sleeved dress from Forever 21 with these really comfortable sweater-leggings. I actually brought these leggings with me out last night because I thou…

lands' end lauren.

A few weeks ago at the Texas Style Council, I was lucky enough to win a gift card from Lands' End Canvas. I LOVE everything that they have. Seriously, not going overboard was a struggle. I decided to buy a navy blue t-shirt dress, a sweater (with elbow patches), and a pair of brown leather wedge sandals. When the package arrived today, I totally geeked out and put all three items on at once. I'm glad that I chose pieces that work well together as well as on their own because I'll be able to wear all three items over and over again. Big thanks to Lands' End Canvas for the gift card! Today was another day off from the internship! I've been running around all morning making lists and crossing things off of them. I'm such a list-freak. Paper goods are certainly my biggest downfall. Ask anyone. This afternoon, I'm taking a trip to the post office to send out some orders, then I'm going to Michael's with my friend Elena. After that, we'll be hanging …

giveaway • win a $25 credit to a wild tonic vintage!

Good morning, friends! I thought I'd start the day with a giveaway! Why not, right? ;)

There are three ways to enter:
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Leave a comment for each entry and don't forget to include a way to contact you in case you win!
One winner will receive a $25 credit to A Wild Tonic on Etsy.
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texas style council: what i learned.

By now, you've seen all of my photos and daily recaps of the Texas Style Council (which was three weeks ago at this point, crazy!), but I haven't posted about what I learned while I was there. I learned not to order so many appetizers because then I don't eat my entree, that drunk karaoke is fun, and to always bring flats when wearing a pair of ridiculous Jeffrey Campbell's. Seriously, are some of my favorite snippets of the panelists' advice.

Kendi: You see everybody's 'best' and think it's their 'always'
Your blog is nothing without you
Live a great life, not big

Camille: Move from curating to creating

Tolly: Do more writing

Matt: Create compelling content

Ann: Make sure your blog is focused

Cheryl: If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't

Caroline: Take criticism and learn from everybody

Elizabeth: Analyze criticism for validity

Molly: Trademark unique things

Veronika: Get inspiration from other places

Julie: You're not g…

music monday: Sam Cooke - "Another Saturday Night"

At my internship, we listen to my Pandora stations a lot. Every single time this song comes on my "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" (by Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers) station, I yell out "I LOVE THIS SOOOONG" and proceed to sing and dance around for three minutes. Sam Cooke, what a guy!

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morning update.

Good morning, loves! I am in such a wonderful mood today. For starters, I have a surprise day off from my internship, which is awesome because even though I love what I do there, I finally have time to get Etsy, blog, and general life things in order. Secondly, my dad woke me up way earlier than I planned, which normally would bother me, but today it doesn't! I have a long to-do list and I fully intend on getting all of it done. I actually have three items in my Etsy shopping cart which I'll be buying this afternoon as a reward (only if I get everything done like I think I will)! I'm going to put up two other posts today, the return of music monday and my final recap of the Texas Style Council! In the mean time, I'll be updating the Etsy shop, cleaning, and listening to records for the rest of the day! What are your plans for this lovely Monday?

sweet sunday: "mad men" edition!

Mad Men returns tonight for two hours (!!!) on AMC, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things about the show. I cannot wait to watch! Will you be tuning in? Have a great night, friends.

Little Sally Draper smoking a cigarette gets me every single time. via

Jon Hamm in black and white. Be still my heart. via

Betty's downward spiral is one of my favorite aspects of the show. via

"Only boring people are bored." Love this quote! via

Even though she's not a major character, Alison Brie's Trudy is one of my favorites. And she's always so well-dressed! Thanks, Janie Bryant. via

Speaking of well-dressed, here are the ladies of "Mad Men" at an event. So sweet! via

This scene of Joan playing the accordion and singing in French was just too great for words. via

Another bit of Joan sweetness. Ooh la la! ;) via

Roger Sterling. You silver fox, you. via

And finally, I loved AMC's promotional photos for this season. via