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Happy Easter!

File this under.."maybe too old to be taking photos with the Easter Bunny?!" I blame it on having to keep up appearances for the little sister, but if that's the case..why isn't she in the photos with me? Am I thinking too much about this? Yes. Whether or not you celebrate Easter, I hope you all have a lovely weekend! If you need me, I'll be eating my weight in Peeps.

How to Wear Vintage • Skirting the Issue.

I'm genuinely shocked that this skirt has lasted so long in the shop. It has so much going for it--perfect length, incredible floral print, and the colors (not to mention the price)! I think if it doesn't sell by the time it expires, I'm keeping it for myself! 35% off CLEARANCE SALE - Vintage 1950s Off-White Blouse with Cut-Out Floral Design - Size Small/Medium 35% off CLEARANCE SALE - Vintage Pleated Floral Skirt - Size Large 35% off CLEARANCE SALE - Vintage Patchwork Satchel - Dark Brown, Red, and Black Shoulder Bag 35% off CLEARANCE SALE - Vintage Cowboy Boots - Cream Leather Boots - Nocona, Texas Psst! All vintage is 35% off + use code 50FREE for free U.S. shipping on all orders of $50 or more! ⚓

CLOSED! • A Wild Giveaway • Win a Wanderlust Print!

Since I've been posting a lot about the road trip lately and the weather is finally getting warmer, I've been bit by the travel bug! I have a few destinations in mind, but nothing set in stone yet, so my mind is wandering while my body idly sits at my desk. To celebrate the spirit of wanderlust, I'm giving away a print to a lucky winner! TO ENTER: Follow A Wild Tonic on Bloglovin' or GFC (You can find the links on the sidebar) , and leave a Wanderlust-related comment (your favorite print in the shop, your favorite travel quotes, your dream destination, etc.)! BONUS ENTRY: Pin any one of the Wanderlust prints on Pinterest (leave a separate comment with a link, please). One winner will be randomly chosen in two weeks (4/10/13) to win a print of their choice. Maximum two comments per entrant. The giveaway is open to all entrants worldwide. Good luck! :) Congratulations to the winner, Heidi !

The Road Trip • Day Eight!

Staying at Pop Century means walking through a giant Rubik's Cube to get to our room. It also means walking past a giant game of foosball to get to the lobby. On the bus to EPCOT for Food and Wine Festival! First stop: Canada! Cheddar cheese soup and Moosehead beer! A view of the Mexico, Norway, and China pavilions from across the World Showcase Lagoon. O'Canada! That's my boyfriend. The United Kingdom pavilion, looking extra pretty on that sunny day. France! That's my boyfriend (part two)! The Morocco pavilion is the most beautiful, in my opinion. Kefta pocket, chicken roll, sangria. And I got carded. Thanks, Morocco! The Monchhichi collection in Japan. Love this series: smiling, sipping, WHY ARE YOU STILL TAKING PHOTOS? The interior of the Mexico pavilion is so cool! Taking a quick boat ride in Mexico. A little snack at La Cantina de San Angel. Delicious dinner at Le Cellier Steakhouse with our friend Matt! Day eight of the

Etsy Vintage Shop Clearance Sale • 35% Off!

This sale is getting serious , you guys. Week five is here, which means that all vintage in the shop is 35% off the original price! Every week, the percentage off of the original price will drop by 5! The longer you wait, the cheaper it'll get, but the likelihood of your favorite items selling will go up! So, go check out the sale , tell your friends and family, share it on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else you'd like. Thank you, my jelly beans! Use code 50FREE for free U.S. shipping on all orders of $50 or more! ⚓

The Road Trip • Day Seven!

Packing up. The saddest free continental breakfast ever. A view of Six Flags New Orleans from the highway. A quick stop at the Florida welcome center yielded free OJ and Disney brochures! Steak 'n Shake is my best friend. We made it! Dressed up as Carl and Ellie from "UP" for the Halloween Party! The main entrance to the Magic Kingdom. Tomorrowland. New(ish) areas: Storybook Circus and the new Castle Walls. Splash Mountain. One of my favorite attractions. The Orange Bird! Pirates of the Caribbean. The Seven Dwarfs made an appearance! The Liberty Belle and surrounding areas. it's a small world. Haunted Mansion! My first-ever corn dog + a frozen lemonade. #iamgross The Castle. Main Street. The Contemporary. The Skyline. Here's some photos from day seven of the road trip ! (I'm almost done, I swear.) This day was the day we left New Orleans and headed east to Florida. We lost an hour driving back across the