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Reseller Tips 9 • List Out Your Goals

Hello friends! I’m here with you today to share a short but sweet tip. List out your goals. Have you really thought about your goals, like why you’re doing what you’re doing? Where does your money go and where would you like it to go? Would you like to own a brick and mortar shop one day or are you reselling on the side to pay for a vacation or put money into a kid’s college fund? Where do you want to be, what do you want to have? Sit quietly with yourself and really think about it. Then list them out and figure out your plan of attack. It’s like a brain dump , but for your life instead of your day! I suggest this because sometimes we get caught up in societal needs and wants and pressures, and we find ourselves doing things because we should and not because we want to. If you physically write out your goals and see them all in one place instead of sporadically floating around in your head, you may see things more clearly and can figure out what makes the most sense for you!

Reseller Tips 8 • Be Kind to the Postal Workers

We all know the feeling of rushing to the post office just to be slapped in the face with a long line or a seemingly rude employee and other frustrated customers, right? It’s stuffy in there and everyone is in a bad mood, and the lighting makes everything seem grey, and you can’t wait to send off your mail and get the heck out of there. I’d suggest you switch your mindset when in these scenarios, but better yet: don’t get into these scenarios in the first place! Allow me to explain. Whether for reselling or just for your personal life, I highly recommend getting a scale ( read more about that here ). You can print mailing labels yourself, either through your reselling site of choice, PayPal, or USPS online. Then you can either schedule a pickup from USPS from your house, or drop it off at the Post Office without waiting on line! Also, keep in mind that the people out delivering the mail or sitting behind that counter work HARD for us, and freaking especially hard this past year with

Reseller Tips 7 • Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

I have to admit, I was late to the game with podcasts. When they first became “a thing,” I assumed they were just boring people talking about boring things like (at the time, what I considered to be boring) politics and finance. Then one day, someone suggested My Favorite Murder, which is an insanely popular true crime podcast. I listened to every available episode and immediately started filling up my queue with more true crime, historical, and comedy podcasts. Nowadays, barely a day goes by that I don’t listen to at least one episode of one podcast. While there are soooo many different types of podcasts, I’ve found a lot of reseller related ones to be incredibly resourceful and insightful. Some of the time, the content isn’t necessarily new to me, but hearing it from a different voice can open my eyes to something else. I’ve also found “self help” or improvement type podcasts to be helpful as well, especially about focus, money, minimalism, and the ecosystem. Almost anything can be

Reseller Tips 6 • Triple Check Everything You Source

It happens to the best of us. You see something SO COOL at a thrift shop. It’s perfect. You must find it a new home! Oh and it happens to be 50% off that day? Even better. The high you’re experiencing rushes over you, you toss it in your cart, you pay, you go home. You realize it’s damaged. Insert the Law and Order SVU -dun dun- sound here. Of course I’m being over dramatic. But isn’t it a terrible feeling to bring home an adorable ‘50s dress to realize her belt loops are stretched from here to the Mississippi River? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I personally will still list items with damage. I fully believe in keeping things out of landfills, and just because a button is mismatched, doesn’t mean the garment isn’t still gorgeous and wearable. I mention any and all visible damage in my listings, though. Buyers should ALWAYS be made aware of flaws. Sometimes I worry that the buyer won’t read the listing and will be unhappy, but no one has ever told me perhaps I worry for no reason (What? Me? No?)..