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new print collection!

The A Wild Tonic print shop has expanded! I created ten more upcycled map prints over the last few weeks and they are finally all in the shop ! Hooray! Which is your favorite? I'm partial to the first, but I really love them all. :)

analog photography.

Here's a few photo scans from the last couple of weeks. 1 • Kim , me, and Amy at a park in Somerville 2 • A crazy-awesome flamingo robe from Target 3 • Kelly and Frank pinballin' at Jay and Jellie 's wedding 4 • Frank and I PBR-in' at the same wedding 5 • Maria , Amy , and me in a photobooth in Point Pleasant

polaroid impulse/impossible film giveaway winner!

Many thanks to all the entrants in the latest wild giveaway ! Click over to the Polaroid Impulse and Impossible Project film giveaway to see if you are the winner!

my favorite fragrances.

Chance by Chanel. My best friend, Kim , introduced me to Chance when we were in high school. This perfume has become my go-to going-out scent. I wear it almost exclusively when I'm going to parties, bars, etc. It's gotten to the point that if I wear it during the day, I get confused. Haha! From Sephora : Waves of freshness collide with floral notes and merge with sensual, sweet and spicy elements. Surprising femininity, energy, daring, a hint of sexiness and delicious naughtiness. CHANCE is a fragrance drawn like a tightrope above the unpredictable. It's a fragrance that calls exciting what others might call dangerous. Lola by Marc Jacobs. Frank bought this for me for my birthday a few years ago. For me, this scent is so strongly associated with memories from that autumn. Every time I spray it, I instantly feel happy. From Sephora : This warm floral bouquet conveys the free spirit of today's sexy, modern girl - she is playful, cool, and flirtatious. The l

seeking: relief from the heat!

The weather in New Jersey lately has been so hot and so muggy. I imagine this is what a rainforest feels like. I'm sad that poor Amy 's visit coincided with 90 degree weather, and my pool wasn't even ready yet! Fortunately for me, the pool is going up this week. Thank goodness. Here a bit of poolside style that I'm currently loving. Ps. If you haven't entered already, make sure to click over to the Polaroid/Impossible Film giveaway because it ends tonight! make a splash! by awildtonic featuring wedge heel shoes Magda Gomes Beachwear Printed Chiffon Kaftan Cover Up Dress , $572 Miss Selfridge vintage one piece bathing suit , $57 Blowfish wedge heel shoes , $45 Beach tote bag , £8 Brimmed hat , $27 Beauty product , $8.49 The Great Gatsby (9780743273565): F. Scott Fitzgerald:... , $10

music monday: Drake - "The Motto"

I know my music monday posts are generally "vintage" songs, specifically classic rock. Forgive me for straying from the norm, but this week I just had to post what I like to call "the yolo song" by Drake. Amy , Maria , Kim , Frank, his friends, and I could not stop singing this song this weekend. Or saying/yelling "YOLO" for that matter. I know we're late to the party on this one, but we couldn't help it! More about the weekend to come soon! How was your MDW?

the little slide dress.

This Little Slide Dress is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. From Emily Steel's Behance page.. The Little Slide Dress is a modern take on the classic Little Black Dress. It uses modern technology and blends it with a 100-year-old medium, film. The Dress draws inspiration from classic movies and the ‘magic of film’ to create a wearable piece of technology and art. With film light is so important in the creation and viewing of images and this was one of the driving forces behind the dress’s creation. With film only see what really going on once the lights go out. For this to work there needs to be a balance of projected and ambient light something the Little Slide Dress tries to emulate. The dress is constructed out of individual slide film images that are backed with LED’s. An Arduino Lilypad connected to a light sensor controls the brightness of the LED’s. The sensor reads the how much ambient light there is and uses this value to determine if the LED’s will

looks good with..

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all my American friends! This special edition of "looks good with.." is a salute to all nations but mostly America (two points for anyone who got that reference)! All the items below are currently available in the shop ..(and some are on sale!) Click on the photos to go directly to the listing. Have a fun weekend and make good choices! ;) What better way to celebrate than with some servingware? I probably wouldn't eat a burger off the presidents' faces, but I'll drink a beer out of this red, white, and blue Bud mug (or a Pepsi for non-alcohol-drinkers)! Work off a bit of that BBQ and head to the backyard or park, throw down a blanket and play some badminton! An outfit like Erica is wearing here is perfect for a spring barbeque.. find the vintage chambray shirt here • find the vintage purse here • find the vintage shoes here ..or you could slip on a white and blue midi-skirt paired with a red top and some cowboy boots! W

it's officially summer.

I got my first mosquito bites of the year last night!

seaside stripes.

This is what I wore to Jay and Jellie's wedding, which I posted about yesterday . Although half of the celebration took place in a rural setting (where these photos were taken), the evening was set in Asbury Park. I thought this dress was just perfect for the boardwalk, though I did change into my new moccasins to allow for lots of drinking, dancing, running around, and pinball-playing. dress: Jack by BB Dakota via Modcloth | shoes: vintage via Goodwill purse (seen in yesterday's photos): Forever 21 | heart sunglasses: vintage via Goodwill jewelry: Leighelena necklace, Tiffany & Rockcakes rings, star earrings bought in Italy, bracelet c/o Stella and Dot

jay and jellie's wedding!

A few weekends ago, I was lucky enough to celebrate the wedding of two of my best and oldest friends, Jason and Anjelica . Everything was beyond perfect and everyone had such a great time. Where to begin? The ceremony and reception took place at the Ninety Acres Culinary Center at Naritar . The grounds were absolutely beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better weather. We were greeted with little packets of confetti and glasses of ice water with striped paper straws. The ceremony was short and sweet, then cocktail hour happened on a pretty patio. There was a band with the world's cutest singer. Dinner was delicious, too! A few hours later, the bride and groom threw a big party at the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park. It's pretty much a big arcade with games of all different ages and styles. As you can tell, lots of PBR and delicious food was consumed and lots of dancing and fun times happened. Someone was setting off fireworks on the beach, too! How perfect, huh? Con