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Florida Dreamin'.

I will always be a New Jerseyan through and through, but there is a large part of me that wants to up and move to Florida right now. Life is just so different there. People are more calm and friendly, the roads have less traffic, and the weather is incredible. Not to mention the vintage! The things you find there are crazy-good. I like to think that one day I'll have a winter home in Florida, so I can split my time between here and there. Until then, I look through photos from my last trip and pout.

ZOOM • Shop Preview.

Here's a little preview of sixteen new items coming to the shop this weekend. I hope to get them listed sooner rather than later, seeing as it's Labor Day weekend and none of us should be working (right?). If you have any questions, email me at, and don't forget to check out the $10 clearance section. And most importantly, have a wonderful weekend! :)

Some Art by Little Lauren.

In case you were wondering what the work a child prodigy in the art world looks like, look no further. Behold my drawing of a guitar for my dad and a Minnie Mouse for my sister. She was my precious newborn baby sister, but I chose to write my name in the blocks. Just so she knew her big sister's name. Speaking of my sister...Erica helped me with a lot of photo shoot work earlier today, and I don't know what I would do without her. Love you, E!

Shop the $10 Clearance Sale!

More here!

THRIFTED • A Vintage Tin.

What to do with this pretty thing? Hmm..

FOUND • Deer Skull.

While mowing the lawn on Saturday morning, I couldn't help but notice my dog (Freckles) was barking like crazy. Usually he barks at our neighbor's dog, so I figured that was it. Once it got too annoying to ignore, I shut the mower and walked over to him. What was he barking at? Oh, just this DEER SKULL!? Now, to some of you this might not be a big deal. I live in the middle of a suburban neighborhood and my yard is completely fenced in. I freaked out two summers ago when we had a frog in our yard (because seriously how did he get here?), and now a skull? We assume some giant bird must have been carting it around and dropped it or maybe it's a serial killer leaving weird clues. Who knows? All I know is this skull is cool. It's still in the yard though, because I'm afraid of germs. :|

How to Wear Vintage • Chilly Nights.

Not much to say today except the evenings are starting to get cold around here. Stay warm in this cute, cozy, vintage outfit. Add some tights and a cardigan, and this outfit is perfect for fall too!

Vintage Blouse - Pale Green Long Sleeve Top - Angela
Vintage Wool Skirt - 1940s Cream Pleated Wool Midi Skirt
Vintage Purse - Off-White and Tan Berne Classic Large Tote with Gold Tone Adornments
Vintage Brown Peep Toe Wedge Heels - Vintage Shoes - Size 7.5

Don't forget to check out the $10 clearance section! ⚓

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Pharaoh in Brooklyn.

On Tuesday, Frank's band Pharaoh played at the Acheron in Brooklyn. I picked up my friend Elena in Jersey City, then we met our friend Kat for dinner at Eastwick. After stuffing our faces (I got some ridiculous mac and cheese and a grilled chicken appetizer plus a few Cisco Grey Ladies), we went to the show. That boy makes me so proud. After their set, we went to Barcade because I had to try some sriracha beer. Sad to say, I wasn't too impressed. It was a very fun night, made extra-fun by the fact that it was a Tuesday! It's really weird to drive from Brooklyn through Manhattan into Jersey with no traffic, but I guess not many people are on the road at 2AM on a Wednesday morning. Haha!

(dress: c/o Lulu's)

Vintage Jewelry Display.

I picked up this sweet vintage candy dish at Goodwill for $3.99 and immediately knew what I was going to do with it. If my jewelry isn't openly displayed in front of me, I will forget I have it and never wear it. Keeping jewelry all out in the open can look messy, though. I compromised and started putting all of my rings into this three-legged beauty. Now my rings are easily accessible and still look pretty. High five! How do you store your jewelry? Is there a better way that I haven't thought of yet?

How to Alter a Dress + Let's Make Habits: Week 1!




(Last two photos from Maria!)My sister is a genius with a sewing machine. She somehow transformed this vintage house-dress (a crazy '60s swirly patterned muumuu with a pink crocheted collar--$4 at Goodwill, what up!) into an awesome mini-dress, which I wore to the TxSC Prom party! Here's how she did it: put the dress on me, pinned the fabric where it needed to be taken in and hemmed, turned the dress inside-out, and sewed it up. After she made sure the dress fit me right (it took two tries!), she cut the remaining fabric and voilà! A new dress. Erica, thank you! ♥

Last week, I announced my goal for Jenny's Let's Make Habits series. Here's my entry for this week!
Week 1 (August 17): 1st Week Update + Your Schedule and Plan of Action
My plan is to blog at least once a day (sometimes twice), and so far I've kept up with it. I remember reading somewhere that to start or break a habit takes three weeks. If that's true, I'm more than halfw…

CLOSED • A Wild Giveaway • Win a Large Sponsor Spot for a Month!

Enter to win a large sponsor spot for one whole month here on A Wild Tonic. To enter, just follow the blog through GFC or Bloglovin' (see links on sidebar) and leave me a comment about your blog/shop/business and why you'd like to win. Don't forget to include a way to contact you if you are chosen as the winner. I'll randomly select a winner on September 4th. If you don't feel like waiting to win, you can find out more about sponsorship here. Happy Wednesday! :)

Congratulations to the winner, The Peach Tree!

WEARING • At Bahrs Landing.

Last week, Frank and I went out to dinner at Bahrs Landing in Atlantic Highlands. This evening definitely does not fall into the "cheap date" category, but the food was so good and the view was incredible, so I'm not complaining. You have to treat yourself every once in a while, right? I ordered a crab and corn chowder, crab cakes, and a Bahr-a-cuda (rum, blue curacao, OJ, and pineapple juice). So very good.

glasses: Derek Cardigan via
shirt: Victoria's Secret
skirt: vintage, coming to the shop soon
purse: vintage Coach
necklace: vintage, gift from Frank's brother
shoes: Kilty Suede Moc c/o Minnetonka

Wise Words.


How to Wear Vintage • Feels Like Fall.

I'm not trying to be one of those OMG AUTUMN bloggers, I swear. I like summer just fine, and I know it's not over until late September. However, it really does feel like fall outside. I'm fully prepared to enjoy these last few summer weeks of summer, but for this week's HTWV post I'm getting a little excited for cooler weather. How cool is this jacket, guys? Answer: so cool.

Vintage Plum Dress - Purple Tank Dress - Size 10P - Lord and Taylor
Vintage Earrings - Small Black Ball Studs
Vintage Geometric Print Jacket
Vintage Black Heels with Sparkly Rhinestone Starburst Design - Jennifer Moore - Size 6.5 - Deadstock

Don't forget to check out the $10 clearance section! ⚓

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Dinner at Jose Tejas.

These photos are from a while ago; I just never got around to posting them. This was a night out with friends at one of my favorite restaurants, Jose Tejas. My order is always the same: a Hurricane, diet coke, queso dip, and Tejas chicken, which is pretty much just boneless buffalo chicken strips on skewers. Sadly, they decided to stop serving Hurricanes recently. How will I go on? Posting these photos is reminding me that it's been far too long since I've been to Tejas. I might have to go again real soon.