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Hello from Florida!

Miss you, New Jersey. :)

Vacation Sale!

In less than 24 hours, I will be on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida. I'm so excited to spend time with my family and soak up the warm weather! I decided to have a little sale in the shop , too! All orders made from 1/28 - 2/5 will be shipped on 2/6 (Wednesday). As a thank-you for your patience, all items (including sale items!) are 25% off until then. Prices are already marked down; discount does not apply to shipping. If you've had your eye on anything in the shop , now is the time to pick it up! :)

CLOSED! • A Wild Giveaway • Valentine's Day Edition!

Hey, it's Monday again. It's funny how quickly she creeps up on us, isn't it? Today's giveaway might raise your spirits because it's a giveaway of the Valentine's Day persuasion! I'm giving away a prize pack including a vintage "Love Ya" Teddy Bear candle, a silver two-finger flower ring, a pink floral mirror, and a (brand new, obviously) tube of Liplicious Lip Color in Sheer Cotton Candy from Bath and Body Works. The giveaway is open worldwide. Use the Rafflecopter entry form below. Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck! PS. The winner of the Pin to Win a Print giveaway has been chosen. Click over to see if you are the lucky winner! :) a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations to the winner, Diana!

A Place For • Markers.

I'm really into taking things I already have and turning them into other things. I don't like buying new things very often. I don't like waste. "A place for everything and everything in its place." In that spirit, here's a little somethin' I put together on Thursday. I used a shipping tube from Beca ( Tumbleweeds Handcraft ), washi tape (I somehow ended up with four red, white, and blue rolls), and a sharpie. I made a new home for all my markers. Boom. No more searching for my red fine-tip marker! Ha! It's silly and simple but I like it.

New Print • I Love You.

This is a photo print of a 1993 copper penny with "I Love You" inside of a heart stamped into it. I found this penny while sorting through old change. It's a beautiful representation of love, and a perfect gift for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or simply to say "I love you!" Available in black and white or color, and in 5"x7" or 8"x10" sizes. The first photo will give you an idea of what the print would look like framed. The two close-up photos are detail shots. The far-away two photos are examples of what the print will actually look like. Also, the actual print will not have the "awildtonic" watermark on it. Available now in the shop.

Triumph Brewery, Princeton.

Last Friday night, I decided to venture out of the norm and drive to Princeton to check out Triumph Brewery . I had been to Triumph in Princeton once before with Kim (though it was only for beer and not food) and I had also been to Triumph in New Hope last summer, but I still wanted to check out the menu in Princeton. Frank and one of our friendcouples joined me. We sat upstairs, which slowed down the service a bit, to be honest. The food was great though! I shared crab dip with Frank for an appetizer and I had a burger with cheddar and bacon for dinner. It was huge, so I only ate half and had the other half for lunch earlier this week. As far as the beer, since I was driving I only had one beer (Honey Blonde; yum) and a sip of Frank's (Winter Wonder; yum) to try it. We probably won't be back for a while, since it was expensive and we're trying to save money, but I'm glad we went because we had a really nice time. Afterwards we went to a bar in Somerville. Frank and

Cleaning Out My Makeup Drawer.

Is your makeup drawer (box, shelf, etc.) a mess? Mine was, until I cleaned it out the other day! I actually cleaned it out a few months ago, but somehow it got messy again. I love storing my makeup and other toiletries in a drawer, because I find it easier to keep everything in one place and see everything at a glance. Here are a few tips to get your makeup drawer nice and organized. • Get a garbage bag or pail and put it right next to the drawer. Don't be afraid to get rid of things. If you haven't used it in a while, or don't plan on using it, just dump it! • Research makeup expiration dates. If anything is expired, dump it. • Group items by type. For example, I put all my lip balms in my Tumbleweeds sunglasses bag. • Keep things in small containers. I poured my once-a-day vitamins from a big plastic bottle to an old sauce jar (ran through the dishwasher) to save space. Bonus: it looks prettier. ;) • Put the more-frequently-used items toward the front and vice ver

The Blog Redesign.

Just about month ago, I started thinking about what I wanted for this space in 2013. I sat in the yard, breathed the fresh air, and typed up an outline for my ideal blog design. I was fortunate enough to have my last blog design created by my dear friend Amy , but in the spirit of minimalism, I was craving something more simple. I knew I wanted a clear layout and a simple logo with antlers, just like my last logo. Home alone last Saturday night, I thought I'd have a few beers and watch some movies, but instead I redesigned the blog. By Sunday it was published. I'm still working out a few kinks, specifically with fonts. Such a simple thing, but it's bugging me. If you folks see or find something wrong, please let me know in the comments or email. Or just let me know your thoughts...I'd really appreciate it. :)

CLOSED! • A Wild Giveaway • Pin to Win a Print!

Even though I deleted my Pinterest account back in September, I cannot deny that it is a great resource for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Also, just because I don't use it anymore doesn't mean my readers don't, right? Anyway, I decided to use Pinterest in a new kind of giveaway, and if you guys like it, this will be the first of many! To enter, simply pin any photo (from my blog or shop ) that strikes your fancy. You can pin one image per day. Then follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Be sure to include the Pinterest link and your email address with your entries! One winner will be randomly chosen in a week to win a print of their choice. The giveaway is open to all entrants worldwide. Good luck! :) a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations to the winner, Carizza T!

In My Room.

1. Succulent, cactus, gator. 2. Photo of my mom, me, and a dog. 3. One of my favorite vintage Disney souvenirs. 4. Elephant collection and a painting from Jamaica. 5. Ceramic berry container from Anthropologie (similar here ), holding some Impossible Project instant photos.

Time Lapse • Photo Shoot!

Here's a fun little time lapse video I made of me in the midst of a photo shoot. It took close to an hour, but the video is only a minute and a half. If you look closely, you can see me dancing with Jack and belting "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. Ha!

In the Greenhouse.

I wore this outfit to Duke Farms last weekend, and I think it was only somewhat misguided. I wanted to wear a floral print since we'd be in greenhouses surrounded by flowers, but I didn't realize so much of the day would involve walking around outdoors. I was a little cold and my shoes weren't exactly appropriate, but you know. Suffer for fashion or whatever. In other news, I announced the winner of the "Getting Organized in 2013!" giveaway! I want to thank you all for entering, and give a warm welcome to my new readers. :) I had so much fun reading through all your comments about your resolutions! Click over to the giveaway post to see if you've won. dress: vintage, in the shop glasses: Derek Cardigan via flats: Lulu's purse: vintage Coach

Duke Farms.

Last weekend, before Frank and I had Jamaican Night , we took a trip to Duke Farms. Duke Farms is a huge estate in Hillsborough, built by James Buchanan Duke, founder of the American Tobacco Company (and benefactor of Duke University). When he died in 1925, Doris (his 12-year-old daughter) took over. Doris Duke was quite a lady, and I highly suggest you read more about her over on her Wikipedia page . She designed all the gardens in the Duke Estate and it was supposedly quite beautiful. Duke Farms shut down many of the gardens and other parts of the estate in 2008, but a few areas are still left to explore. Some highlights: the statue garden in the photos is in an old barn that partially burned down; the Athena statue; old greenhouses; when my camera lens got hazy in the tropical greenhouse and the photos came out looking dreamy; and Venus fly traps! The Farms also had a lovely welcome center with areas for lectures, a sweet cafe, and trams to bring us back to th

Jamaican Night!

On Saturday, Frank and I decided to try a fun new dinner plan in which we prepare food and try to immerse ourselves in the culture of one specific country or area. The idea came from a trip to a greenhouse (more on that soon) which was so warm compared to the cold outside. I jokingly asked Frank if we could go back to his apartment, blast the heat, play reggae music, and pretend we were in Jamaica. Well we took that idea and rolled with it. We researched traditional Jamaican food and drink, and went to Shoprite to buy supplies. Frank prepared his variation of jerk pork (we're going to try to make it for real another day) and I made rice and peas (which is really rice and beans, who knew?). We also drank ginger beer, which is kinda like a sweet ginger ale, with a bit of rum in it, and we had fried plantain chips for dessert. We listened to reggae on Pandora while we cooked, and read about Jamaica on Wikipedia/watched a movie called "The Island" while we ate. We real