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Reseller Tips 5 • Smile (Behind Your Mask)

Okay this is a little cheesy (but who doesn’t love cheese?), but my tip for the day is to smile. Even if it’s behind your mask and the other person can’t see it, they can feel it. Everyone is going through something at any given moment, and sometimes just a simple smile from a stranger can mean a world of difference. Project kindness into the universe, y’all! I’m talking about the folks we interact with as sellers, like thrift store workers, or the postal workers, but please do it in regular life too! The person next to you in line at the grocery store or the guy at the gas station, or the lady at the farmers market. A simple two second choice can have a butterfly effect, and it will make you feel better too.

Reseller Tips 4 • Buy a Scale

If a new reseller (or seller) reaches out to me for advice, one of my first tips is to invest in a cheap but good quality scale. I have made SO MANY mistakes with shipping in the past, and those issues flew completely out of the window when I bought a scale. If you sell a lot of the same item, you can weigh it once, calculate the shipping, and you’re done forever. If you sell lots of different items, you can weigh them as you list, or just get a general idea of how much it costs to ship things pretty darn quickly. I undercharged and overpaid for shipping sooooooo often back in the day, I’m almost embarrassed to talk about it. Almost. 😂 A scale doesn't just save money, it saves time too. If you have your postage label printed, you can drop off your parcels at the post office or schedule a pickup with USPS!

Reseller Tips 3 • List Your Death Pile

Picture it: You’re sitting in your home, minding your own business. Suddenly you feel a dark and ominous force. You look up from your phone or book, and there it is, staring menacingly at you. Your death pile. What’s a death pile, you might ask? A death pile is a stack of inventory that (for whatever reason) you cannot list. Maybe it was an item you were excited to find, only to realize the comps are not so great. Maybe it’s something you kinda want to keep, but know you shouldn’t. Maybe the item is slightly damaged and you haven’t had a chance to repair it. Maybe you just don’t have the motivation. Whatever the case may be, this pile will form and will sit there and will haunt you. I’m here today to tell you: list 👏🏼 that 👏🏼 death 👏🏼 pile 👏🏼. It’s not doing you any good unlisted, my friends. • You probably spent money on it. Do you like wasting money? • You probably spent time sourcing it. Do you like wasting time? • Think no one will want to buy it? You’re probably wrong. •

Reseller Tips 2 • Brain Dump

No lie, I’ve been making lists my entire life. Ask my mom; I swear it’s true. Even before I actually knew letters or words, I would carry around a tiny spiral notebook and just scribble. It’s become a very long-running joke in my family that given the opportunity, Lauren will make a list in the blink of an eye. But I swear by it. Sometimes my brain is going a hundred miles a minute and I’m overwhelmed with every random thought. A brain dump helps 100% of the time. Here’s my process: - Sit down, maybe with a coffee, definitely with a piece of paper, maybe with my planner. - Simply write down whatever comes to mind. - Examples: shower, watch Arrested Development season 5, bike 30 minutes a day, buy anniversary gifts, wash and put away dishes, text a friend, take a walk, send offers to likers, oil change, update budget. Hell, sometimes I literally write “relax”! - Once the brain is clear, we analyze. - I number the tasks by importance, urgency, and ease. Example: oil change is urgent beca