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tonic tuesday 11/30.

Don't make fun of me, but I completely forgot that today is tonic tuesday . Yesterday didn't feel like a Monday, and therefore today doesn't feel like a Tuesday. Unfortunately, I have work all day so I have to get this post done asap! All these items are from my "You Might Like" suggestions on Etsy. Click on the image to go to the Etsy listing. French Cast Iron Door Knocker and Key Hole from rhubarbandapples Ivory Scrimshaw Seagull Pin, with Ship and Lighthouse from lindalayden Glass Mugs Vintage set of 2 - Grass Fields Collection - ready to ship from yevgenia size 8.5 vintage VEGAN distressed brown lace ups from floweronthewall VINTAGE WHITE ROSES SHEER LACE HIPPIE PRAIRIE from tinyvintagewardrobe Skull pin cushion - screenprinted with adjustable strap from littleclouds

music monday: The Besnard Lakes - "Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent: Parts 1 & 2"

These two songs are eight minutes long, but please don't let that deter you from listening. The actual video is just a still, so I recommend playing the song and continuing whatever it was you were doing until you hear the whole thing. You probably won't be sorry. Also, my I suggest that you enter these two giveaways ASAP-- • Pineapple Mint is giving away a vintage Coach bag that I would fight over. If you win, send it to me okay? Thanks. Ends 12/3. • Enter here to win not one, but two $30 gift certificates at Yonder . What a nice holiday present to myself winning that would be, huh? Ends 11/30. Happy Monday, folks. Let's see if we can all make it through another week. ;)



black friday! sale sale sale!


giving thanks.

I thought to celebrate the holiday today, I'd make a list of things that I'm thankful for (how novel!). In no order.. • (obviously) my family, boyfriend, friends, and health • white castle cheeseburgers • any/all apple products • vintage clothing • beer • whiskey • employment • my nikon • tide to go pens • arizona arnold palmers • fire pits • leather • baby magic lotion (I'm weird!) • driving with the windows down no matter the temperature • sales/coupons/deals • reggae music • any opportunities to travel • my wonderful dog, Freckles ..might add more later. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday! What are you thankful for? :)

tonic tuesday 11/23.

This Thursday is the last Thursday of November and that means it's Thanksgiving! Today, however is not Thursday, but Tuesday... tonic tuesday . This week's items are a mashup of holiday outfit ideas, autumnal accessories, and for lack of a better word (as I Tweeted yesterday), "Thanksgiving-y" things. Click on the image to go to the Etsy listing. Vintage ICY Grey Shimmer Flats from awildtonic Vintage 1950s Grandpa Cardigan from plastictags antique crochet lace collar. ecru. taupe. natural. from fanciness Pair of vintage brass candelabras, candlesticks from highstreetmarket Vintage 80s Woven Flats, Women 6.5 Wide from bluebutterflyvintage WISHBONE gold PIN with Amythest Rhinestones from lucra Vintage Autumn Orange Beaded Double Strand Necklace from AuCielDeParis Vintage AUTUMN HARVEST Velvet Floral Carpet Dress from awildtonic

music monday: The Addams Family - "The Play"

Self explanatory.

frosty morning.

all images via weheartit .

work it, miss gwyneth.

Mrs. Martin guest stars on "Glee" tonight, apparently. This clip is pretty awesome, can't lie. You have permission to call me a "gleek" if you'd like..

tonic tuesday 11/16.

It's the second day of the week, and you know what that means... tonic tuesday ! A Wild Tonic is mad for vintage hats right now. There are currently ten up in the shop , and about a gazillion available on Etsy. Here are my hats followed by my top picks. Click on the image to go to the Etsy listing. Vintage NEVERLAND Taupe Wool Bucket Hat from awildtonic Vintage WINTER WONDERLAND White Wool Flat Top Boater Hat from awildtonic Vintage FAIR LADY Tan Wool Bucket Hat from awildtonic Vintage WARM WINTER Cream Cloche Hat from awildtonic Vintage JARDIN D'AUTOMNE Cream and Green Cloche Hat from awildtonic Vintage NATASHA Faux Fur Cloche Hat from awildtonic Vintage DEVILLE Black and White Pillbox Hat from awildtonic Vintage SUNSHINE Large Straw Sun Hat from awildtonic Vintage SIDESADDLE Straw Sun Hat with Soft Pink Ribbon from awildtonic Vintage CHECKER BOARD Black and White Floppy Hat from awildtonic vintage 197

i am amazed.

Graffiti Analysis: 3D from Evan Roth on Vimeo .

music monday: Jenny Lewis - "Black Sand"

Gorgeous song with a gorgeous video. Happy Monday.


Finn, the boy's dog. New purse and heels to be added to the shop. Like 'em? We ran into the sweetest Shiba Inu from Japan. It was only his second day in America! Glorious fireplace.