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Shop Preview • 9/20/16

new vintage coming to the shop this week - don't forget all vintage in the shop now is 30% off!

ADVERTORIAL: Modabridal Favorites.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing an online shop I'm newly familiar with, Modabridal – a perfect destination for wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, mother of the bride dresses, prom dresses, and plain ole party dresses (not to mention shoes and accessories)! I have two weddings in September, so weddings and dresses and veils and bachelorette parties and favors and all that jazz has been a hot topic lately. I'm all about the non-traditional route, unless your true style is "traditional", in which case - go for it! I think on such an important and memorable day, you should dress how you want, wear your hair how you want, wear whatever shoes or jewelry you want. That's why I like Modabridal. They have dresses for every style. Do you see that mother of the bride dress up there? Glorious! Or what about the red wedding dress below? Or those amazing heels? Definitely check out Modabridal, even if you don't have a wedding coming up soon. Have a great wee

30th Birthday Sale!

I turn thirty this month (what? how? when?) and to celebrate, everything in the shop is 30% off throughout the entire month of September. Happy shopping!