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New Year Goals with!

With the new year (and new decade) nearly upon us, I have already found myself mapping out my goals for 2020. My resolutions aren't unusual; mostly financial or health-related. (Share some of yours below, if you would!) I made a huge list of potential goals, then narrowed it down to what was truly important to me at this time, and finally divided it out by month. I chose certain goals for the brighter, summery months like hiking and buying fresh flowers for my apartment once a week. Other goals I planned for the winter months, like backing up all my photos and data to an external hard drive and completing a 31-day squat challenge! A site I recently learned about is FeelinGirl. They offer a wide array of clothing items, including women high waisted workout leggings that would be perfect for my squat challenge goal! If getting healthy/healthier is one of your goals too, they also offer sports bras and yoga pants. FeelinGirl has a lot of great sales and offers going on at the mom