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081. may etsy preview!

May will be a great month for my Etsy shop . Thoughts on these items? I love them all and it's killing me to part with any of them. :( Check out the shop in the next few days and they could be yours! :) via .

080. friday update

Heyyy guys. Happy Friday! Anyone else really ready for the weekend? I don't even have any big plans, I could just use a break. I don't know if I mentioned in my Twitter , but I got a small promotion-ish thing at work. I'm excited, except my new computer doesn't have internet access and I am a lot more busy than normal. So, if it takes me longer than usual to respond to an email, or Tweet, or blog, please forgive me. I am, however, getting out of work an hour early today, so I'll be shooting vintage this afternoon if the weather holds up. I'll post an Etsy preview here before I start listing 'em. P.S. My Spring Fling Sale ends today! And before I go..For those of you who don't know, I've become (embarrassingly?) obsessed with Disney World lately. I'll be there May 19th-20th and I've been researching and reading about it constantly. #nerdalert Fellow nerds, check this out. I found this on a random tumblr last night (lost the link!) and

079. giveaway!

I am part of a HUGE giveaway at Jewelry By Solange . There are 45 shops participating, so make sure you check it out! Your odds of winning are pretty great. I'm giving away a $10 gift certificate for my Etsy shop . Good luck! via .

078. follow me!

Oh, also: I think I finally fixed the follower gadget problem I've been having. Follow away! :D

077. call me tobias.

This weekend I went to my first ever bridal shower. It was for my boyfriend's sister and it was so fun. This past Saturday was also my boyfriend's birthday, so needless to say--I slacked on all my resolutions and goals this weekend.

076. friday update!

Hello, all. Happy Friday! First off: I'm featured on a blog! It's my first official feature so I'm totally excited. Check out the interview here at Heavenly Savings . If anyone else is interested in featuring my blog/shop or a cross-feature, leave a comment and we'll chat! And make sure to check out Heavenly Savings ! In other news, I've been keeping up with my April resolutions quite well (better than any other month, I'd say). I've worn my retainer almost every night and have been wearing those gross white strips--all in the name of dental beauty. Also, I've been coming into work a bit early every day, and today I get to leave at 3:45! HOOOORAY! I also have listed one item per day in my Etsy vintage shop . Here are some cool pieces: Vintage 1976 Sea World Brown Glass Jar Mug   Vintage Etienne Aigner Burgundy Multi-Pocket Shoulder Bag Vintage Rangoni White Leather Gold-Studded Heels Speaking of vintage, I bought a vintage dress from

075. LOST 365

A fun project based on "LOST." This guy creates a new image based on the series every day and hopes to continue doing it for a whole year. Some people are so creative, it frustrates me. Check it out! via .

074. and i thought "mad men" couldn't be any more awesome.

This speaks for itself.

073. april etsy preview.

Here are some pieces to look forward to in my Etsy vintage shop .

072. april new month's resolutions.

So I realized today was the first of the month (rabbit rabbit), which means a NMR post. Then it hit me--I never wrapped up February or posted a March entry. What a dummy. To make up for it, April's are going to be real good. For February, I picked three resolutions: to drink one glass of milk per day, to practice violin for 15 minutes, twice a week, and to sort through all of my clothing and accessories to find what I need and sell what I don't at my Electronic Yard Sale . How I fared: I was sick at the beginning of the month, and milk wasn't working well with my insides, so that failed. I did, however take Vitamin C once a day, so that's comprable in a way. I didn't even take my violin out of its case. I failed number 2 completely. My Electronic Yard Sale has been put on the back burner since my Etsy shop has gotten more serious. All in all, February was a giant bomb. March was okay. Though April is now upon us! And I have a few Resolutions: Wear

071. check out this sweet giveaway!

A great blog called Heavenly Savings is having a giveaway. You could win a lovely pair of earrings from Little White Chapel. I am in love with this shop! Check out the Little White Chapel Etsy shop here . And here 's the link to Heavenly Savings' giveaway! Good luck, everyone!