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104. "christmas in july" sale and giveaway winners!

So since the last time I posted, my giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the four winners: meeyeehere, smallwordsdesign, mjensen1, and Altered Beauty! Hope you all find great vintage pieces in my shop. :) In other news, I am participating in Etsy 's "Christmas in July" sale. I have to start the sale tonight because I will not have a chance to update the shop between now and July 1st. Hah! EVERYTHING in the shop is 25% off. Take advantage of these great prices and get started on your holiday shopping. It's never too early to start! Click the banner below to get started saving!

103. oh norman.

You're welcome.

102. porn movies and disney.

So true. So, so true. via .

101. FRONT PAGE!?!

So an item from my shop finally made it to the FP on Etsy . It was at about 5 AM my time, so I didn't see it in person, but I got a screencap! It was a beautiful treasury and I am so proud! Also, the peacock sold! Great news all around! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Don't forget to check out my giveaway ! Happy weekend!

100. the "one hundred" giveaway! :D

To celebrate my 100th blog post and my 100th heart at my Etsy shop , I’ve decided to hold another giveaway! I know that my shop isn't anything amazing (yet), but it's gone a lot farther than I thought it would and I'm so proud of my hard work! The rules are all the same as last time, but the prize is now… Five (yes, 5!) $10 Gift Certificates to my vintage shop on Etsy, A Wild Tonic! Rules! There are a few different ways to enter. For each thing you do, please leave a SEPARATE comment below, so all of your entries will count! Also, if your email address isn't already linked to your account, please be sure to leave a way to contact you. How to enter! -Mandatory: Visit my Etsy shop , pick your favorite item, then post your favorite here in the comments -Follow my blog and comment letting me know who you are -Follow me on Twitter and leave your user name in a comment (so I can follow you back) -Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link to the tweet in

099. baby's second and third treasuries!

My second and third treasuries! I'm so excited because they are gorgeous. Check them out here and here .

098. etsy shop update 6/12.

Happy Saturday! It's a bit rainy and grey here in Central Jersey, so our plans to have another yard sale today are ruined. I won't let that bring me down though! I've got a new tripod, a freshly charged camera battery, and unlimited amounts of coffee. Today, I will see a lot of Etsy and Ebay listing form pages, and I'm excited for it. I really need to get rid of most of my things. I just have too much and no need for most of it. Also, I want to be able to afford a home in the next five years, and every little bit helps, right? Check out the new items in my Etsy shop below. And tell your friends! ;) Vintage FOURTH OF JULY White Laced Magdesians Oxford Heels Size 7 Vintage INDEPENDENCE Blue Dress Vintage WICKER White Woven Shoes Size 10 Vintage OXFORD Navy and White Heels Size 6 B Vintage METALLIC Etienne Aigner Leather Heels Vintage SEPIA Brown Pearl Necklace Vintage ICE QUEEN Blue Clip-on Earrings Vintage ROCK CANDY Blue and Green Necklac

097. cigarette pack novels.

I saw this on Twitter this morning. Pretty great idea, I think. When you order Tank Books ' new set of classic novels, they arrive in classic flip-flop style cigarette packs, wrapped in foil and in sealed cellophane wrapping. If you order all six —featuring works by Conrad, Hemingway, Kafka, Kipling, Stevenson and Tolstoy—they come in a stylish tobacco tin (pictured). Another great argument for the book as beautiful object, rather than binary data stream. ( DesignYouTrust ) via .

096. got 42 seconds to spare?

A combination of "Newsies" and Gaga. Does it get better than this? via .