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At Frank's.

Beer • Frank made dinner • The apartment dry bar, getting kinda weird and shrine-y

shop update/preview • august 29th.

This is the first shop update/preview post I've done in quite a while. I had a sudden burst of inspiration this morning, so I'm really getting in gear with listing my vintage. The first three items are already listed (click on the image to go straight to the listing), and the rest will be hitting the Etsy shop tonight.

what's in her bag: fourth edition.

Have you ever read a "what's in my bag?" blog post in which bloggers photograph and list the contents of their purse? As some of you thrifters may know, when shopping for vintage, sometimes items from the last owner get left behind. I call this "what's in her bag?"

This post should be called "what's in her pocket" instead of bag, but I figure it's pretty much the same thing. I found this key in the pocket of this vintage skirt that I bought at Goodwill. I wonder what it opened...

My first vintage appointment.

As I mentioned on Friday, I recently went to my first vintage appointment. I asked Erica to accompany me, just in case it was really a murder plot and also because she's really the coolest sister. We met the woman who was running the sale, Maria. The house belonged to her parents and she needed to clear it out quickly. She had an estate sale the weekend before, but still had a lot of great stuff left, so Erica and I were free to peruse nice and calmly. We had a huge pile by the end of our time there, and Erica got to chat with the woman about becoming a teacher. It was so great. I look forward to more appointments like this in the future. Here are just a few behind-the-scenes shots of some of my finds.

Galloping Hills Inn.

Last week, I convinced Erica to come with me on my first-ever vintage appointment. It was quite an experience to say the least, and I'll have photos and more to say about it tomorrow. After the appointment, E and I were so tired and hungry (and both of us had to go to work in the afternoon). We were stopped at a red light and I saw this place. At first, I thought it was called "Galloping Hot Dogs," but E, who apparently has eaten there frequently with her school friends, informed me that I was wrong. We got some dogs, burgers, and cheese fries and drove home happy.

Another Sunday in New Hope and Lambertville.

After the Auto Show, Frank, Joe, and I wandered around New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ like we usually do. We went to River Horse and Triumph, then back to River Horse with a friend who works there for some after-hours drinking. We felt like such high-rollers. Haha!
Frank trying to out-creep this creepy mannequin.

River Horse!

Not PBR!


Best bumper sticker collection I've ever seen.

The Delaware.



Beer flights.

Testing the new camera.

Watermelon and feta.

Excellent plating.

Pulled pork being demolished.




At the brewery after closing.

My favorite.

The New Hope Automobile Show 2012.

Another Sunday spent in lovely New Hope, PA. More photos tomorrow. See last year's post here: The New Hope Automobile Show 2011.