ZeroUV Summer Wishlist

Womens Cute Eye Lash Fashion Oval Sunglasses 9385

Ever since I first learned of ZeroUV, I've been in awe of their amazing sunglasses. I've worn the two c/o pairs they sent me a few times on the blog (and a lot in real life, too). Every time I click over to the site, I want to buy at least 10 pairs. I made the mistake of clicking over to the site today and lo and behold I want to buy at least 10 pairs!

The shades above are my ultimate favorite at the moment. They remind me of a pair I just bought so I probably shouldn't order them. Really, how many pairs of eyelash-style sunglasses does one gal need? ;) (PS This post isn't sponsored or anything, I just love ZeroUV! They also have a great Snapchat that makes me miss California very badly on the reg.)

These are incredible. What a unique shape, sure to get lots of attention.
Womens Unique Heart Shape Half Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses 9616

This pair comes in a few different colors. Picking just one pair would be tough!
Eclectic Cute Pastel Pearl Color Half Frame Sunglasses 9430

These look like they could be a simple DIY. I actually have a pair of white heart plastic frames that I hardly ever wear. Perfect!
Cute Novelty Heart Shaped Sunglasses Adorned With Pearls 9592

Jane Jetson vibes.
Elegant Womens Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses With Flash Color Revo Lenses 9437

These are so groovy and perfect for summer. I love how they flip up!
Novelty Party Happy Smiley Face Cut Out Flip Up Sunglasses 9639

Another really interesting frame shape.
Unique Double Frame Square Womens Fashion Sunglasses 9417


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