My Favorite Podcasts at the Moment!

My Favorite Murder (iTunes)
Probably my favorite podcast ever, Karen and Georgia talk about true crime with a touch of comedy. Murderinos for life!

You're Wrong About (iTunes)
Michael and Sara teach us all about things we're (you guessed it!) wrong about. They are so smart and hilarious to listen to. I particularly have been enjoying their coverage of the OJ Simpson case.

Fatal Voyage (iTunes)
There are three seasons of Fatal Voyage out right now, only one of which I've listened to, but I can't wait to catch up on all three (Princess Diana, Natalie Wood, and JFK Jr.)

The Killing of Jon Benet (iTunes)
A very sad look into the details of Jon Benet Ramsey's death.

Man in the Window (iTunes)
"Scared out of my mind" is a great way to describe how I felt while listening to this podcast about the Golden State Killer and his victims.

She's on the Money (iTunes)
It's important to have one non-true-crime-and/or-murder-related podcast on a list of favorites, otherwise everyone will think you're weird! ;) This one is great because it encourages women to take control of their financial lives.

What are your favorite podcasts right now??