Reseller Tips 19 • There's a Lid for Every Pot

Reseller Tips 19 • There's a Lid for Every Pot

Many many moons ago, when I was a teen, I worked at Marshall’s as a cashier. To make work a little more fun, I would play a game and guess what kind of people were shopping and what their plans were for the day, based strictly off of what they were buying. Still to this day I wonder what the cashier thinks about me based on my random items at Target or Home Depot. Like oh a plunger, duct tape, and succulents... hmmm.....?

The point of this little tale is the expression “there’s a lid for every pot”. Sometimes when I’m sourcing or going through old items to sell, I wonder “who on earth will want to buy this random sweater or trinket?” But I can almost guarantee no matter how seemingly random the item may be, someone somewhere will want it for some reason. Examples: vintage (unused) underwear, old iPod boxes, vintage scented powder with a cracked lid, accessories with names or initials embossed or embroidered on them, I could go on and on. Keep that in mind while sourcing! 


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