Prom ↣ Wedding with Milly Bridal


One of my sponsors this month is Milly Bridal, a dress shop featuring tons of lovely dresses for all occasions. Today I'm going to chat a bit about proms and weddings, as a lady who's right in the middle of both.

My prom dress was bought two years early at a store called "Value City" for less than $20. My mom and I agreed that for twenty bucks it would be a good fallback in case I never found anything I liked better. Prom didn't mean that much to me since I was one of those jaded punk kids, so I went with the fallback. It was baby blue and fairly simple, and amazingly timeless (in the sense that I don't look at the photos now, eleven years later, and want to crawl in a hole).

The two prom dresses above are my favorites. The one on the left is so unique and reminds me of the "Mandy" breakaway dress from "White Christmas". I think it's pretty and flirty, without being too revealing, and I love the floral details. The dress on the right is just adorable. It reminds me a bit of my own dress, except it's pink instead of blue. It's simple, and also fairly timeless.

I've never been the type to fantasize about weddings, but I do fantasize about dresses! If/when I get married, I know my dress will be delicate, vintage or vintage-inspired, and definitely not strapless. I love the straps on the first dress below and the sleeves on the second. Thanks for playing virtual dress-up with me!



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