Reseller Tips 26 • Bring Stale Inventory to a BST Shop

Reseller Tips 26 • Bring Stale Inventory to a BST Shop

We’ve talked in the past about only sourcing what you love, as well as there being a lid for every pot. However, sometimes items will just not sell, at least not quickly. What to do in a situation like this?

Well you could run a sale, or just have patience and hope they sell one day, or donate them....or you could bring them to a consignment or buy-sell-trade shop. Buy-sell-trade (or BST) shops are such a great way to refresh your inventory. BSTs are places like Plato’s Closet where you can sell or get store credit for your stuff.

I recommend checking the website or social media accounts before heading to a BST, because some of them have very specific rules and can be quite picky with what they buy (understandably). But if your stuff is new-ish, trendy, clean, and underaged, you can probably get a few bucks or some store credit to buy new inventory. You might take a loss, but it could be worth it to get rid of things that aren’t doing well for you! A new start!


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