Shark Week cupcakes.

Since it's Discovery Channel's SHARK WEEK, and I was in the mood for dessert, I decided to make some Jaws-esque cupcakes. Aren't they absolutely terrifying? I cheated a bit and used boxed cake mix and frosting because i was in a hurry, but I plan on making some from scratch for a pool party next weekend.

What you need:
-boxed cake mix and subsequent ingredients
-frosting and food coloring
-cupcake tins and wrappers
-blue paper

My soundtrack:
The 7/26 episode of "True Blood"

Step 001
Prepare the cake as per the instructions and dye the frosting to a nice, oceanic blue. I used about seven drops of blue and one of green for a regular-sized container of frosting. Bake the cupcakes and let cool.

Step 002
Frost the cupcakes. Cut shark fins out of the blue paper and stick them into the "water." Serve and enjoy!

I made these cupcakes a little bigger than normal so they're a bit more like muffins. Tip--I recommend putting the frosting bowl on top of the oven while the cupcakes baked so the frosting softens, making it easier to spread. Also, I finally got to use these silicone cupcake wrappers that I bought from Sur La Table a few months ago. They worked well, but it was weird to serve cupcakes without wrappers; they looked naked!


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