054. a quick update.

Quick update!

So in addition to my full-time job and trying to maintain relationships with my family, friends, and boyfriend, I've got a lot going on.

First up, is A Wild Tonic's Electronic Yard Sale, also known as Tonic Electronic ;). It's a big (and ever-growing) listing of pieces of clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, perfume, handmade goods, and photography prints (and hopefully more soon!). It is exactly what it sounds like, a yard sale without the yard. I'm trying to add new items daily, but sometimes can't find the time. Most, if not all, of the items are very cheap because I'm on a quest for minimalism and would rather get rid of things than get rich. I'm constantly having big sales in an effort to move merchandise quickly. My only real complaint is that some of the pictures I've taken aren't of the best quality. When life slows down a bit, I'll definitely work on taking better photos because I understand how important that is to sales.

I've also recently started up a new Etsy account that's strictly focused on vintage items (at least for now). I'm also working on this slowly but surely. I know there are a ton of vintage shops on Etsy, so I'm not expecting to become a millionaire. Though it would be sweet. It's definitely a long-term goal. All of the items are in great condition (otherwise they would be donated or thrown away), and shipping is very inexpensive.

Finally, I have an eBay account for more expensive items or items of greater quality. There isn't anything for sale at the moment, but there will be!

Oh, and my New Month's Resolutions are pretty cool. Sadly this month's resolutions haven't been going as well as January's. What a bummer. But more on that later.

Thanks for reading, guys. Knowing I have readers really makes this worthwhile. :D