058. things i did after i got out of work early yesterday.

Good morning!

Greetings from snowy Central Jersey. I'm currently laying in my bed, sans sheets, drinking coffee, and checking Twitter. I'm also reflecting on the work I did yesterday and debating if I want to continue working today or take it easy. I'm thinking it's possible to do both: work whilst taking it easy, perhaps? We'll see. But in the mean time, let's review yesterday.

I put on some Fleet Foxes to keep me moving. Some of their songs are terribly fitting for this weather.

I started by cleaning off this side table (which I have temporarily in my room until I get one that fits better) and pouring myself a Jameson and ginger ale.

Then I stripped my bed and got started with some laundry. Fun fact: I never put my sheets back on my bed and ending up sleeping on that foam thing last night. Not so comfortable!

An added benefit to cleaning. I swept under my bed and found ten cents. Holla!

My Etsy/eBay/half.com/EYS stuff.

 Then I sat down for a late lunch and did little-to-nothing else for the rest of the day.

My original list from yesterday:

  1. clean my room half done! but always a work-in-progress.
  2. take pictures and post items on Etsy put up a few things, also a work-in-progress.
  3. watch "White Christmas" because it's snowing fantastic movie.
  4. drink some whiskey to keep warm john jameson is my boyfriend.
  5. pack up clothes to donate i'm still on the fence about a lot of stuff. :/
  6. brainstorm new blog post ideas got a few good ideas lined up!
  7. do laundry and wash my bedding just gotta put my sheets back on my bed. haha!
  8. manicure and pedicure filed my nails but they've still got chipped red polish on 'em.
  9. start putting together my photography portfolio GOTTA GET THIS DONE!

Not so bad. Here's hopin' today is productive, too! Happy snow day! :)