093. don't bother to pack your bags.

So I've been back from my Floridian vacation since Monday, but am only now getting around to posting about it. Long story short--hot/beautiful weather, 2-day excursion to Disney, laughing at many different sea and land creatures, the LOST series finale, too much food, lots of sunblock, little sleep. Here are some photos so you can get a better idea!

Most days were spent in the yard overlooking the bay, drinking a beer I've never had before called "Trouble," sometimes laying on an air mattress or in the grass.

My sister, our boyfriends, and I went to Disney World for two days. As you can expect, it was magical. Here we are in front of Spaceship Earth. I'm wearing a dress and shades from Forever 21, a vintage owl necklace, black flats from Fred Flare, and my Mickey ears. My boyfriend is wearing clothes that he never wears in an attempt at comfort and I think he looks adorable in his polo and khakis (he's normally in skinny jeans and band t-shirts). Hysterical.

In EPCOT, near Soarin'. I love this view of hot air balloons representing the four seasons.

My sister and I, about to go on "it's a small world."

Fairly certain I'm going to get this exact owl tattooed on my body at some point very soon.

We had dinner in a German Biergarten!

The World Showcase at night. I used a long exposure for this baby.

Oh, here I am hanging out with my friend Roger Rabbit.

Turns out the day we visited Hollywood Studios was the first day of Star Wars Weekend. It was pretty cool, and I had never even seen any of the movies! Storm Troopers guarded the entrance gates. :o

I'm outside of the Tower of Terror wearing a vintage necklace, vintage top (which I can't decide if I should put in the Etsy shop or not), black leggings from Target, the same black flats from FF, Ray Ban shades, and a ModCloth bag.

Pretty landscaping and architecture.

Driving my sweet rental car with South Carolina plates. B)

Back at the house..

And finally, here I am modeling a new vintage hat for the shop! What do you think?

And the hat sans Lauren.


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