088. 5/15 updates.

Work is getting pretty hectic. I actually worked for five hours this morning. Yea, Saturday. You know how many yard sales I missed? Let's not talk about it. But I am making money to spend in Florida, so it's all good.

I updated the formatting of my blog this afternoon. I like it a lot. Can everyone still see everything okay? Also, I started a Flavors.me page for no real reason. Check it out here: A Wild Tonic Vintage

In other news, I started a sale today at work in an attempt to curb some boredom and move some vintage out of the shop. It's called the "Name Your Price" Sale! Pretty much, if you like an item in the section titled "name your price sale," send me a convo with your offer, I'll update the listing, and you can buy it. Great, right? I thought so too.

And finally, here's some new vintage found in my Etsy shop.

Everyone enjoy the sunshine and the rest of the weekend. Hope it's lovely!