106. the maine event.

I spent Fourth of July weekend in Portland and Falmouth, Maine. Here's proof:

Lu is my nickname. I'm outside a bar called "Asylum." It had to be done.

Mornings consisted of delicious breakfast sandwiches, heavily iced coffees, and newspapers with headlines about country moose that escaped to the city.

Friday night was the Portland Art Walk. A salon/spa place called Akari did a hair show. Long story short--it was amazing.

This purse from my shop made a few appearances. It sold the day after I came home!

This guy was having a great time at the BBQ!

My friend and I started a tradition last year--berry surprise. It's pretty much an angel food cake, covered in Cool Whip and a sort of patriotic assortment of fruits. Oh, and red crystal sprinkles. People go nuts over it.

God bless 'Merca.

Loungin' by the pool. My outfit just screams "FOURTH OF JULY," doesn't it?

And of course, at night the sparklers come out to play. Here's my serious face.

Awwwwwwww and a heart. Happy Fourth, folks.


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