tonic tuesday 11/23.

This Thursday is the last Thursday of November and that means it's Thanksgiving! Today, however is not Thursday, but Tuesday...tonic tuesday. This week's items are a mashup of holiday outfit ideas, autumnal accessories, and for lack of a better word (as I Tweeted yesterday), "Thanksgiving-y" things. Click on the image to go to the Etsy listing.

Vintage ICY Grey Shimmer Flats from awildtonic

Vintage 1950s Grandpa Cardigan from plastictags

antique crochet lace collar. ecru. taupe. natural. from fanciness

Pair of vintage brass candelabras, candlesticks from highstreetmarket

Vintage 80s Woven Flats, Women 6.5 Wide from bluebutterflyvintage

WISHBONE gold PIN with Amythest Rhinestones from lucra

Vintage Autumn Orange Beaded Double Strand Necklace from AuCielDeParis

Vintage AUTUMN HARVEST Velvet Floral Carpet Dress from awildtonic


  1. great finds! you have a lovely blog as well! thank you for featuring my lace collar!!

    cara of fanciness

  2. loving the candlesticks!
    thank you bff!



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