music monday: The Besnard Lakes - "Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent: Parts 1 & 2"

These two songs are eight minutes long, but please don't let that deter you from listening. The actual video is just a still, so I recommend playing the song and continuing whatever it was you were doing until you hear the whole thing. You probably won't be sorry.

Also, my I suggest that you enter these two giveaways ASAP--

Pineapple Mint is giving away a vintage Coach bag that I would fight over. If you win, send it to me okay? Thanks. Ends 12/3.

• Enter here to win not one, but two $30 gift certificates at Yonder. What a nice holiday present to myself winning that would be, huh? Ends 11/30.

Happy Monday, folks. Let's see if we can all make it through another week. ;)